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HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry

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Exhibit Number Title Document Date Document Type Document ID Date Tendered Transcript Reference
0001 Instrument of Appointment 28-Mar-2008   EXH.001.0001 30-May-2008 2:08
0002 Procedural Directions for the conduct of the Commission of Inquiry 30-May-2008   EXH.002.0001 30-May-2008 7:33
0003 Statutory Declaration of Thomas Patrick Fisher declared 23-Jun-08  23-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.001.0001_R 23-Jun-2008 15:01
0004 Photograph marked by T P Fisher OF HMAS Sydney II showing depth charges, marked (a), and signal lamps, marked (b)  N/A Photograph WIT.001.0014 23-Jun-2008 36:03
0005 Statutory Declaration of Ernest William Briddick, Deceased, declared 22-Jun-08  22-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.002.0001_R 23-Jun-2008 49:34
0006 Statutory Declaration of Gordon Clair  Lavender 24-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.003.0001_R 24-Jun-2008 61:25
0006A Orthographic drawing of HMAS Sydney II from National Archives ument MP551/1 marked by J Lavender   Diagram WIT.003.0007 24-Jun-2008 65:39
0007A Photograph, marked (a), of a Pinnace transporting sailors ashore at Hervey Bay, Queensland, in 1939 N/A Photograph WIT.003.0008 24-Jun-2008 72:36
0007B Photograph showing a whaler on HMAS Sydney II N/A Photograph WIT.003.0009 24-Jun-2008 73:17
0007C Photograph of Gordon Clair Lavender with another on the forecastle of HMAS Sydney II in Fremantle Harbour, Western Australia  N/A Photograph WIT.003.0010 24-Jun-2008 75:18
0007D Photograph of forecastle of HMAS Sydney II showing  a turret trained to starboard  N/A Photograph WIT.003.0011 24-Jun-2008 77:04
0007E Photograph of Gordon Clair Lavender and crew manning 4 Inch gunns on HMAS Sydney II N/A Photograph WIT.003.0012 24-Jun-2008 79:17
0008 Statutory Declaration of Richard Vincent Radcliffe declared 10-Jun-08  10-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.004.0001_R 25-Jun-2008 83:38
0009 Statutory Declaration of Allen Charles Guthrie 22-May-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.005.0001_R 25-Jun-2008 92:16
0010 Statutory Declaration of Gordon Deveraux White declared 04-Jun-08 04-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.006.0001_R 25-Jun-2008 98:10
0011 Statutory Declaration of Kenneth Tom Brown declared 26-Jun-08  26-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.007.0001_R 26-Jun-2008 110:33
0012 Statutory Declaration of John Neal Brown 06-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.008.0001_R 26-Jun-2008 120:28
0013 Statutory Declaration of Frederick Henry House declared 26-Jun-08 26-Jun-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.009.0001_R 26-Jun-2008 129:09
0014 Statutory Declaration of Harold Adams (deceased) 21-May-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.010.0001_R 27-Jun-2008 in Chambers
0015 Diagram taken from Barbara Winter's book, being diagrammatic representation of Kormoran, marked by Mr Heinrich Carl 01-Jan-1993 Diagram EXH.015.0001 03-Jul-2008 141:22
0016 Sketch plan of Kormoran indicating location of 15 centimetre gun being battle station of  Mr Ernst Hildenbrand 01-Jan-1993 Diagram EXH.016.0001 03-Jul-2008 164:47
0017 Sketch done by Australian intelligence officer after he interviewed members of the Kormoran crew shown to Mr Ernst Hildenbrand   Diagram EXH.017.0001 03-Jul-2008 181:47
0018 Photograph shown to Mr Ernst Hildenbrand   Photograph CORR.003.0333 03-Jul-2008 184:38
0019 Diagrammatic representation of Kormoran shown to Fritz Kümmerer   Diagram EXH.019.0001 04-Jul-2008 230:28
0020 Sketch as marked by Paul König  01-Jan-1993 Diagram EXH.020.0001 07-Jul-2008 273:22
0021 Document marked by Will Rönchen  01-Jan-1993   EXH.021.0001 07-Jul-2008 232:01
0022 Transcript and videotape of interview conducted on 17-Jun-2008 17-Jun-2008   EXH.022.0001 08-Jul-2008 252:08
0023 Diagram from Tom Frame's book of the Kormoran regarding Mr Engleman's position during encounter with HMAS Sydney II   Diagram EXH.023.0001 08-Jul-2008 255:04
0024 Document marked by Edmund Büttner  09-Jul-2008   EXH.024.0001 09-Jul-2008 386:26
0025 Document marked by Karl Schulte  09-Jul-2008   EXH.025.0001 09-Jul-2008 424:33
0026 Signed Statement of Evidence of Heinz Messerschmidt dated 11/7/2008 11-Jul-2008   WIT.011.0183 11-Jul-2008 505:41
0027 Diagram showing position of 37mm gun   Diagram EXH.027.0001 11-Jul-2008 506:35
0028 Diagram shown to Ludwig Ernst previously on which Herr Ernst marked his action station during the battle 01-Jan-1993 Diagram EXH.028.0001 14-Jul-2008 541:06
0029 Index to 19 volumes of Submissions to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II, containing 448 documents, and those documents   Index EXH.029.0001 01-Sep-2008 564:40
0030 Transcripts of the seven days of hearings of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II from 27 March 1997 to 29 May 1998   Index EXH.030.0001 01-Sep-2008 565:01
0031 Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II 01-Mar-1999 Report PINQ.REP.001.0001 01-Sep-2008 565:07
0032 Government Response to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the  Loss of HMAS Sydney II 29-Jun-2000 Report PINQ.GRSP.001.0001 01-Sep-2008 565:13
0033 Index of the Report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II 01-Jan-1999 Index PINQ.INDX.001.0001 01-Sep-2008 565:20
0034 Index to the Submissions and Transcript of Evidence of the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II 01-Jan-1999 Index PINQ.INDX.001.0002 01-Sep-2008 565:26
0035 Index of Witnesses and Submissions of Witnesses and Transcripts of Oral Evidence from the Parliamentary Inquiry into the  Loss of HMAS Sydney II 01-Jan-1998 Index PINQ.INDX.001.0150 01-Sep-2008 565:32
0036 Index of Oral  evidence to the Parliamentary Inquiry into the  Loss of HMAS Sydney II taken between 27 March 1998 to 29 May 1998 01-Jan-1998 Index PINQ.INDX.001.0157 01-Sep-2008 566:04
0037 Index to the Submissions to the Commission of Inquiry   Index EXH.037.0001 01-Sep-2008 566:12
0038 Index to Private Collections, which are various documents, articles and matters that have been provided by members of the public to the Commission of Inquiry, containing 87 documents and those documents   Index EXH.038.0001 01-Sep-2008 566:19
0039 Statutory Declaration of Ian Stanley Clarence Ruston 05-Aug-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.012.0001_R 01-Sep-2008 567:27
0040 Statutory Declaration of Francis Sheldon-Collins 26-May-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.011.0022_R 01-Sep-2008 579:17
0041 Photograph shown to Mr Sheldon-Collins taken from the book of Mr Olsen   Photograph EXH.041.0001 01-Sep-2008 567:18
0042 Photograph shown to Mr Sheldon-Collins being a photograph from the collection of the Australian War Memorial which was taken from HMAS Sydney indicating two ships in convoy   Photograph EXH.042.0001 01-Sep-2008 568:40
0043 Statutory Declaration of John Joseph Ravenscroft 25-Jul-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.011.0173_R 02-Sep-2008 664:31
0043A Submission of John Joseph Ravenscroft to HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry dated 20 June 2008 20-Jun-2008 Submission CORR.006.0035_R 02-Sep-2008 672:46
0043B Submission Number 118 of John Joseph Ravenscroft to the Parliamentary  Inquiry into the Loss of HMAS Sydney II 24-Mar-1998 Submission PINQ.SUBS.011.0045 02-Sep-2008 673:01
0044 Submission of Alfred Gordon Johnson dated 20/7/2008 20-Jul-2008 Submission SUBM.001.0001_R 02-Sep-2008 673:13
0045 Supplementary Submission of Alfred Gordon Johnson dated 30/8/2008 30-Aug-2008 Submission EXH.045.0001_R 02-Sep-2008 673:20
0046 Diagram marked by Alfred Gordon Johnson titled "Typical Arrangement of Flat Rouf Aerial for Cruisers" 02-Sep-2008 Diagram EXH.046.0001 02-Sep-2008 688:43
0047 Diagram of HMAS Sydney marked by Alfred Gordon Johnson 02-Sep-2008 Diagram RAN.001.0002_J 2-Sep-2008 700:35
0048 Supplementary Submission of Max Reed dated 2/9/2008 02-Sep-2008 Submission EXH.048.0001 03-Sep-2008 in Chambers
0049 Correspondence from David Angwin to COI and Others Index 12-Nov-2008 752:38
0050 Email dated 9 April 2008 from David Angwin to David Mearns 09-Apr-2008 Email EXH.050.0001_R 12-Nov-2008 787:05
0051 Aerial satellite photo of area from Geraldton, WA to north of Seventeen Mile Well, WA, showing position of various items recovered N/A Photograph COI.003.0121 12-Nov-2008 791:24
0052A High resolution photograph of Crayfish Bay showing locations of 'digs' taken place between July 2007 & Nov 2008 - this photograph overlaps with CORR.018.0164 at the top of CORR.018.0164, and version marked up by David Angwin - CORR.018.0167_M N/A Photograph CORR.018.0167 & CORR.018.0167_M 12-Nov-2008 811:21
0052B High resolution photograph of False Entrance showing locations of "digs" taken place between July 2007 & Nov 2008 -this photograph overlaps with CORR.018.0167 at the top of CORR.018.0167, and version marked up by David Angwin - CORR.018.0164_M N/A Photograph CORR.018.0164 & CORR.018.0164_M 12-Nov-2008 811:24
0053 Photograph of part of False Entrance handed up by David Angwin during his evidence N/A Photograph EXH.053.0001 12-Nov-2008 817:15
0054 Submission by MSJ Montgomery (Son of HMAS SYDNEY II's Navigating Officer, The Late Lt. Cdr. CAC Montgomery) to The Hon. TRH Cole, AO RFD QC, President of the Commission of Inquiry into Her Loss with All Hands on November 19-20th 1941 31-Oct-2008 Submission (COI) SUBM.006.0079_R 28-Nov-2008 832:16
0054 Submission by MSJ Montgomery (Son of HMAS SYDNEY II's Navigating Officer, The Late Lt. Cdr. CAC Montgomery) to The Hon. TRH Cole, AO RFD QC, President of the Commission of Inquiry into Her Loss with All Hands on November 19-20th 1941 N/A Submission (COI) SUBM.007.0138 03-Dec-2008 959:12
0055 Photocopy of original letter dated 12.6.58 from Naval Intelligence Division Naval Office to Mr Schrader 12-Jun-1958 Correspondence EXH.055.0001 31-Oct-2008 902:10
0056 Copy of Mr Montgomery's interview notes from an interview with Pat Young Note EXH.056.0001 01-Dec-2008 950:12
0057 Copy of Handwriten Note from Montgomery Submission Note EXH.057.0001 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0058 HMAS SYDNEY Forum 21 November 1991 - the SYDNEY-KORMORAN Action 19.11.41 - Contradictions between the Evidence and the Official Accounts 01-Jan-1991 Report WAM.002.0215_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0059 Representation of Battle Damage - Starboard Side 17-Sep-2008 Plans/Drawings/Specification DSTO.001.0053 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0060 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0080_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0061 Representation of Battle Damage - Port Side 17-Sep-2008 Plans/Drawings/Specification DSTO.001.0052 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0062 Naval History Homepage - and Site Search - H.M.A.S. SYDNEY - Battle Honours - Heraldic Data - Details of War Service Publications COI.004.0243 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0063 SYDNEY Not Yet Arrived 21-Nov-1941 Signal SPC.006.0007 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0064 Request and Position in Which HMAS 'SYDNEY' Parted Company With HMS 'DURBAN' After Handing Over 'ZEALANDIA' 23-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.074.0160 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0065 SYDNEY Overdue Fremantle. Request for Information 24-Nov-1941 Signal SPC.006.0011 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0066 Your 1633 23rd and Your 0209 24th - No Further Information 24-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.040.0459 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0067 Signal Addressed to N.B. from C in C China 24-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.026.0435 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0068 Churchill Archives - Two German Ships in Japan in 1940-1 Passing Under Name of KULMERLAND - Statement in Australian Archives by an Ex-German Dockyard Worker in Japan that like the GNEIUSENAU was Fitted to Carry Such an Item 22-Apr-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0046 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0069 Churchill Archives - Cannot See Any Reason why the Involvement of the GNEISENAU and or Japanese Midget Submarines Should Not Have been Freely Admitted in 1945 or 46 Let Alone Later 05-Aug-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0045 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0070 Churchill Archives - Evidence on the SCHARNHORST in Vice-Admiral Wenneker's Statement Under Interrogation in 1946 in Which he Admitted that she was One of 18 German Ships in Japanese-Controlled Waters at the Outbreak of the War 20-May-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0040 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0071 Churchill Archives - I Remain Highly Sceptical of the Theory that SCHARNHORST was in Any Way Involved with the KORMORAN/SYDNEY Affair - Cooperation in Operational Sense Between Germans and the Japanese with Raiders and U-Boats Non-existent 26-Sep-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0036 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0072 H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' - Ship's Log for Month of September 1941 09-Jan-1941 Ships Log NAA.013.0113_01_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0073 H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' - Ship's Log for Month of September 1941 01-Sep-1941 Ships Log NAA.013.0115_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0074 H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' - Ship's Log for Month of October 1941 02-Oct-1941 Ships Log NAA.013.0055_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0075 H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' - Ship's Log for Month of October 1941 1-Oct-1941 Ships Log NAA.013.0056_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0076 H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' - Ship's Log for Month of October 1941 1-Oct-1941 Ships Log NAA.013.0057_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0077 Cruiser 'SUMATRA' Never Took Part in the Search for 'SYDNEY' - 'TROMP' Did Not Pick Up Signals from 'SYDNEY' - Cannot Give Wanted Information about the Secret Code of 'STRAAT MALAKKA' - NO Evidence of Movements of Japanese Submarines or Other War Ships 07-Feb-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0071 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0078 Who Sank the SYDNEY?- First Edition - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications EXH.078.0001 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0079 Translations of Parts of Diary of Captain Dettmers Regarding the 'Sydney'-'Kormoran' Action - Dettmers Action Report for 26-Oct-1941 and 19-Nov-1941 Report NAA.012.0605 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0080 Interrogation Notes of DETMERS Interrogation Notes/Reports NAA.012.0519_DETMERS 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0081 Cypher Pages from Dietmar's Diaries Handwritten Note NAA.044.0003 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0082 Michael Montgomery's Transcript of an Interview with Col. Schrader 21-Jun-1978 Letter (Historical) EML.004.0010 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0083 Letter Regarding - Lack of Cooperation Between German and Japanese Navies - Only Documentary Evidence of Japanese Involvement in SYDNEY-KORMORAN Action is Contained in a Number of Sketches - Account from KORMORAN Petty Officer 10-Aug-1979 Letter (Historical) CHUR.001.0035_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0084 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0067_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0085 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0084_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0086 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0108_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0087 Signal Addressed to C.W.R. from Southwest A.C.H.Q. 04-Dec-1941 Signal NAA.026.0014 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0088 Signal to CCAS to ACNB 13-Sep-1945 Signal NAA.012.0733 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0089 Signal to CCAS from ACNB 22-Sep-1945 Signal NAA.012.0732 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0090 Memo to the Minister from Chief of Naval Staff 01-Oct-1945 Minute/Memorandum NAA.012.0730 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0091 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0103_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0092 Auxilliary Cruiser KORMORAN - Investigation - Sketches by Dr. List Report NAA.012.0709_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0093 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0107_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0094 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0083_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0095 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0096_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0096 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0093_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0097 Sydney Was Sunk by Torpedo in Saving Raiders - Response to CORR.009.0307_R 03-Dec-1941 Newspaper Article COI.004.0219 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0098 Who Sank the SYDNEY? - Michael Montgomery - Extract 01-Jan-1983 Publications PUB.002.0092_E 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0099 ACNB's 0016 25th. The Only Explanation We Can Think of is that Raider Torpedoed SYDNEY Before Being Sunk. Request Your Views and Details of Steps That You Are Taking to Try and Locate Her 25-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.070.0245 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0100 Concur that this is Probable Explanation. A.C.N.B. is Organizing Search with Assistance from C.Z.M. 25-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.040.0391 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0101 My 1700Z/27 Raider Captain Confirms Previous Reports With Addition that Action Took Place 28-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.074.0241 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0102 Signal Addressed to A.C.N.B. 196 Personal for First Naval Member from First Sea Lord 30-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.026.0017 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0103 Statements Given by Ivan Wittwer Letter (Historical) CORR.004.0243 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0104 The Scientific Investigation of a Carley Float 01-Nov-1993 Expert Report COI.002.0016 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0105 Report on the Analysis of Objects Recovered from a Grave on Christmas Island in 2006 01-Dec-2006 Report NHQ.001.0023_R 01-Dec-2008 in Chambers
0106 Report on Technical Aspects of the Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY and HSK KORMORAN High Res (80MB Large File) Low Res (18MB) 01-Jan-2009 Expert Report DSTO.003.0001 12-Jan-2009 1022:10
0107 HMAS Sydney - DSTO Visualisations 01-Jan-2009 Multimedia EXH.107.0001 13-Jan-2009 1170:26
0108 Photograph from the Australian War Memorial Collection.

ID Number: 306705
Related unit: HMAS Sydney (1935-1941)
Photograph EXH.108.0001 13-Jan-2009 1212:46
0109 Statement of LEUT Scott James Rivett 12-Jan-2009 Witness Statement/Interview WIT.025.0001_R 19-Jan-2009 1238:34
0110 Appendix A1 - Len Van Burgel Report. 'An Analysis of Weather Conditions Off The Coast Off Shark Bay In November 1941' 24-Feb-2008 Report FSF.011.0003 19-Jan-2009 1239:09
0111 Report on the Meteorological Conditions Near 26S 111E for 17-28 November 1941 Report WAM.002.0049 19-Jan-2009 1239:13
0112 Climatology of Weather Conditions W.A. West Coast - November 1941 30-Apr-2005 Report WAM.002.0066 19-Jan-2009 1239:17
0113 Backtracking the Lifeboats and Floats - a Metocean View by Messrs Stedman and McCormack Report WAM.002.0279 19-Jan-2009 1239:25
0114 Image with hand drawn arrow completed diagram as drawn by Leut Rivett 19-Jan-2009 Diagram EXH.114.0001 19-Jan-2009 1250:41
0115 Captain Bairstow's drawings and calculations 19-Jan-2009 Diagram EXH.115.0001 19-Jan-2009 1261:13
0116 Page from a 1943 Admiralty document bearing the title 'Disguised enemy raiders and blockade runners: conduct of her majesty's ships'. Report UKAA.002.0043_E 19-Jan-2009 1263:46
0117 Document dated 2 December 1941 being report of proceedings of HMAS DORSETSHIRE 23-Dec-1941 Report UKAA.010.0087_E 19-Jan-2009 1264:34
0118 Document dated 31-Dec-1941 signed for the DSC, subject 'Safety of merchant shipping' 31-Dec-1941 Minute/Memorandum NAA.074.0064 19-Jan-2009 1265:30
0119 The minute of 30 December 1941 from DOD, referred to in the previous document. This document is signed by Captain Deshamer Document Dated 30-Dec-194 30-Dec-1941 Minute/Memorandum NAA.074.0065 19-Jan-2009 1266:10
0120 DoD Ships Log - Letters to Indicate the State of the Weather - Fog and Visibility Scale - Sea State - Beaufort Wind Scale Correlative Sea Disturbance Table Ships Log RAN.002.0139 19-Jan-2009 1271:10
0121 Annexure A - Half a Century of Silence - Unique Story of a Japanese Submariner in the Pacific War - Michiko Takahashi Publications WIT.024.0003 19-Jan-2009 1283:17
0122 Statutory Declaration of Alexander Edwin McAndrew 09-Jan-2009 Witness Statement/Interview WIT.024.0001_R 19-Jan-2009 1284:27
Confidential Exhibit 1 Letter of 4 September 1997 from Laurence Snook asking for a copy of his Army records, and reply of 18 September 1997 from Army career management, enclosing his records. 04-Sep-1997 -
Email EML.003.0107 &
19-Jan-2009 1323:43
0123 Records of Service of Snook Record PTE.005.0055 19-Jan-2009 1327:03
0124 Records of Service of Colonel Adey
NAA.092.0025 NAA.092.0027
04-Apr-1930 -
Personnel Record NAA.092.0025 &
19-Jan-2009 1327:07
0125 Letter of Arthur Lane to the Daily Mail of 5-Jun-1928 20-Jul-1998 Submission PINQ.SUBS.016.0116 19-Jan-2009 1337:33
0126 Printout from a website of a level and surface current 25/2/96 - altrimetci sea level surface current, etc EXH.126.0001 19-Jan-2009 1344:28
0127 Document handed up by John Samuels - an article in an American magazine from New York. 17-Jan-2009 Newspaper Article EXH.127.0001 19-Jan-2009 1358:33
0128 Letter from RADM (Ret) J. A. Deloach 18-Sep-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.016.0348 20-Jan-2009 1361:39
0129 Bundle of documents commencing with a letter dated 24 September 2008 from Mr David Stevens, addressed to the Inquiry, with its attendant attachments 24-Sep-2008 Index EXH.129.0001 20-Jan-2009 1362:01
0130 Submission from David Jenkins - Report on Research Conducted into the Japanese Submarine Fleet in World War Two 02-Dec-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) SUBM.007.0078_R 20-Jan-2009 1362:18
0131 Submission No 134 from National Institute of Defence Studies, Japan Defence Agency 02-Apr-1998 Submission (P.Inq) PINQ.SUBS.011.
20-Jan-2009 1362:29
0132 Locations of Imperial Japanese Navy's Submarines (6 Ships) As of Around 19th November 1941 19-Nov-2000 Expert Report EXP.001.0073 20-Jan-2009 1362:41
0133 Opening statement of George Karlov Statement EXH.133.0001 20-Jan-2009 1367:15
0134 Submission of George Karlov Submission (COI) COI.005.0184 20-Jan-2009 1375:09
0135 Histories of Royal Navy warships World War II by LCDR Mason 08-Aug-2008 ROP/LOP SUBM.003.0158 20-Jan-2009 1375:26
0136 SYD .Doc - May 24 from Karlov G 24-May-2008 Email CORR.003.0008_R 20-Jan-2009 1375:38
0136 Letter Addressed to Georg Karlov from J. Nottle 20-Jun-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.005.0302_R 20-Jan-2009 1375:38
0136 Response from Karlov to Nottle letter CORR.005.0302 05-Jul-2008 Email EML.001.0017_R 20-Jan-2009 1375:38
0136 Email from Mr Georg Karlov 24-Sep-2008 Email CORR.016.0078_R 20-Jan-2009 1375:38
0137 The Sinking of HMAS SYDNEY II Evidence For The Late Captain Joseph Burnett's Defence 23-Oct-2008 Submission (COI) SUBM.005.0089_R 20-Jan-2009 1391:33
0137A Supplementary submission of Mr Whittaker Index EXH.137A.0001 20-Jan-2009 1392:28
0138 Statement of Mr Eagles into the discovery of the wreck of HMAS Sydney dated 20 Feb 2009 EXH.138.0001 20-Jan-2009 1440:39
0139 Index of Eagles J Submissions Submission (COI) 20-Jan-2009 1440:44
0140 Letter Addressed to The Secretary of HMAS SYDNEY II Commission of Inquiry from Richard Arundel
CORR.003.0129_R - CORR.003.0130
28-May-2008 -
Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.003.0129_R -
20-Jan-2009 1441:43
0140A Letter from CAPT R. Arundel RAN rtd 30-Jul-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.001.0169_R 20-Jan-2009 1442:08
0140B Letter Addressed to The Secretary of the HMAS SYDNEY II Commission of Inquiry 23-Jun-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.006.0050_R 20-Jan-2009 1442:11
0140C Summons to appear at HMAS Sydney II Inquiry - question 19-Jan-2009 Summons EXH.140C.0001 20-Jan-2009 1445:14
0141 Correspondence appearing in Daily Mail on Friday, 5 June 1998 from Arthur Lane 05-Jun-1998 Submission (P.Inq) PINQ.SUBS.016.0116_E 23-Jan-2009 1491:23
0142 Two documents shown to Mr Karlov, being photographs of memorials and depicting "Bacon, JC""and "Fibbens, WS Photograph EXH.142.0001 23-Jan-2009 1500:11
0143 Document being an email from Mr Samules to Mr Karlov dated 18 April 2006 containing material commencing 'Australia Naval Air Aviation and Fleet Air Arm Air Crew Memorial Roll of Honor' 18-Apr-2006 Email EXH.143.0001_R 23-Jan-2009 1500:26
0144 Japanese Monograph No. 97 - Pearl Harbor Operations: General Outline of Orders and Plans 19-Feb-1953 Internet Page/URL COI.006.0071 23-Jan-2009 1508:10
0145 [Karlov's Response to Summons] - HMAS SYDNEY Was Only Mentioned Once in History of the Royal Netherlands Navy in WWII 03-Mar-2008 Letter (Historical) COI.005.0105_R 23-Jan-2009 1519:46
0145A [Karlov's Response to Summons] - Due to 'Unaccountable Circumstances' There Is No More Material on HMAS SYDNEY Then The Institute Has Provided 24-Apr-2008 Letter (Historical) COI.005.0109_R 23-Jan-2009 1520:18
0145B Document in Dutch which appears to be a chronology between 1 October and 10 December 1941, document being dated February 1957 and referring to HMAS SYDNEY 01-Feb-1957 EXH.145B.0001 23-Jan-2009 1520:41
0146 The Secret of the Sands (Marked Up Copy) 30-Jun-2005 Publication PUB.007.0001_M 23-Jan-2009 1527:27
0147 [Karlov's Response to Summons] - Interview With Julius Ingvarson 01-Jan-2007 Interview Notes COI.005.0115 23-Jan-2009 1534:25
0148 Signal Addressed to Carnarvon Repeat Pearce C.W.R. from S.W.A.C.H. 29-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.026.0111 23-Jan-2009 1538:13
0148 Signal Addressed to N.O.I.C. N.T. 335. from A.C.N.B. 29-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.026.0105 23-Jan-2009 1538:13
0149 Shipping Intelligence Report, 137/1942 of SS ISLANDER 25-Feb-1942 Report WAM.020.0019 23-Jan-2009 1554:41
0149A Shipping Intelligence Report, 137/1942 of MV HERMION 23-Feb-1942 Report WAM.020.0021_E 23-Jan-2009 1554:44
0150 Report on Loss of H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' 12-Feb-1942 Letter (Historical) SPC.002.0232 23-Jan-2009 1557:36
0151 Report on Loss of H.M.A.S. 'SYDNEY' Report NAA.010.0308 23-Jan-2009 1557:40
0152 Locating the Grave of the Unknown Sailor - Christmas Island, 2006 - Report to Royal Australian Navy - Department of Defence - July 2007 01-Jul-2007 Report COI.003.0060_R 23-Jan-2009 1560:45
0153 Anthropological Report on the Examination of Unknown Skeletal Remains from Christmas Island 2006 20-Aug-2008 Expert Report CORR.012.0233 23-Jan-2009 1570:18
0154 Cast of skull of the unknown skeletal remains from Christmas Island Expert Report EXH.154.0001 23-Jan-2009 1573:17
0154A Cast of internal part of skull of the unknown skeletal remains from Christmas Island Expert Report EXH.154A.0001 23-Jan-2009 1573:20
0155 German Signals + Translations Index EXH.155.0001 30-Jan-2009 in Chambers
0156 Two Documents from National Archives & Records Administration
NARA.001.0001 NARA.001.0002
Index NARA.001.0001
30-Jan-2009 in Chambers
0157 Finding Sydney Foundation Submission; Summary of the pre-search and search activities - search for HMAS Sydney II 27-Jan-2009 Report FSF.013.0001 02-Feb-2009 1596:06
0158 An Insight into the Genesis and Evolution of the HMAS Sydney Controversy 01-Dec-2008 Report WAM.070.0010 02-Feb-2009 1607:19
0158A Errors and Misunderstandings Appearing in An Insight into the Genesis and Evolution of the HMAS SYDNEY Controversy 10-Feb-2009 Letter (COI-General Corr.) WAM.070.0037_R 02-Feb-2009 1606:19
0159 Map showing positioning of HMAS Sydney II wreck and distance from Geraldton and other towns 27-Jan-2009 Map COI.006.0178 02-Feb-2009 1671:34
0160 BBC Research results - HMAS Sydney II Commission of Inquiry 11-Sep-2008 Email EML.001.0181_R 02-Feb-2009 1682:29
0161 Commonwealth of Australia 1937 to 1941 official logbook with both drills supplement of SS Cape Otway 27-Mar-1942 NAA.028.0056 03-Feb-2009 1703:31
0162 Annex B  to a report of search for lifeboats of HMAS Sydney and the  Kormoran dated 4 December 1941, titled Brief Report on reconnaissance Operations - 24 November to 26 November 1941 A.F.O. 10/A/6 12-Feb-1941 NAA.018.0181 03-Feb-2009 1712:06
0163 Legislation Extracts Index COI.006.0135 to 0173 03-Feb-2009 1727:44
0164 Cape Otway Ships Log 1932 - 1934 15-Jun-1934 Ships Log NAA.028.0001 03-Feb-2009 1731:40
0165 Cape Otway Ships Log 1942 - 1945 04-Mar-1946 Ships Log NAA.028.0140 03-Feb-2009 1731:45
0166 South Western Area Combined Headquarters Log Book Logbook NAA.016.0001 03-Feb-2009 1733:37
0167 Pages from 180-200 incl from Glenys McDonald's book "Seeking Sydney" & the cover Publications EXH.167.0001 03-Feb-2009 1733:43
0168 Transcript of Interview with Ivy Mallard and Ean McDonald in the presence of Ann Penney 01-Mar-1992 Transcript WAM.016.0053 03-Feb-2009 1747:25
0169 Unnamed undated typed unaddressed document 02-Oct-2007 Letter (Historical) COI.005.0220 03-Feb-2009 1752:14
0170 Transcription Addressed "Dear Pastor Wittwer" no apparent date, and bearing date 4/7/2006 04-Jul-2006 Letter (Historical) COI.005.0222 03-Feb-2009 1753:26
0171 Map 14-Jun-2008 Photograph COI.005.0226 03-Feb-2009 1756:18
0172 Photograph of a piece of wood with brass washers and screws 17-Jun-2008 Photograph COI.005.0225 03-Feb-2009 1756:24
0173 Statement of Philip Georg Shepherd From National Archives of Australia Website 111 Facts: The Sinking of HMAS Sydney, November 1941 Statement EXH.173.0001 03-Feb-2009 1786:19
0174 Thesis of Dr McArthur submitted for the award of a Doctorate of Philosophy at the University of Southern Queensland, titled "A Rush to Judgement" 01-Jan-2001 Publications USQ.001.0003 03-Feb-2009 1787:29
0175 Index to Material from Dr McArthur Index CORR.014.0141 to 0280 03-Feb-2009 1788:37
0176 Supplementary Paper entitled "Captain Joseph Burnett, the Culpability of Captain Burnett" 31-Oct-2008 Submission (COI) SUBM.006.0141 03-Feb-2009 1789:04
0177 Minutes of Rear Admiral commanding HM Australian Squadron on 16 December 1941 to the Naval Board and the letter from CMDR Dechaineaux Index NAA.074.0074 &  NAA.074.0065 03-Feb-2009 1809:39
0178 Submission of Mr Ean McDonald 03-Sep-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) CORR.012.0364_R 04-Feb-2009 1812:24
0178A Second submission of Mr Ean McDonald 10-Oct-2008 Letter (COI-General Corr.) SUBM.004.0321_R 04-Feb-2009 1812:33
0179 Document entitled Wind, Weather and Wonder - A Paper on Aspects of and Consequences of the Action between H.M.A.S. Sydney and German Raider KORMORAN on the 19th November 1941 Report WAM.002.0172 04-Feb-2009 1818:45
0180 Signal from NB, Naval Board, directed to Admiralty, Commander-in-chief China and various other bodies, dated 28 November 1941 28-Nov-1941 Signal NAA.074.0241 04-Feb-2009 1824:20
0181 Fighting Instructions for 1939 01-Jan-1939 Instructions/Order UKAA.006.0137 04-Feb-2009 1841:04
0182 Index to Exhibit 0182 Index EXH.182.0001 04-Feb-2009 1841:10
0183 Secret Document KYR/4, 2 October 1939 KYR/4 - pg 3, Employment of Cruiser Borne Aircraft 02-Oct-1939 Minute/Memorandum NAA.076.0035 04-Feb-2009 1854:02
0184 Statement of L Cardaci 07-Apr-1997 Statement WIT.023.0042_R 04-Feb-2009 1863:45
0185 HMAS Sydney COI reference Ean McDonald diagrams Document EXH.185.0001 04-Feb-2009 1893:30
0186 Index to Exhibit 0186 Index EXH.186.0001 04-Feb-2009 1932:09
0187 Index to Exhibit 0187 Index EXH.187.0001 05-Feb-2009 1961:14
0188 Index to Exhibit 0188 Index EXH.188.0001 05-Feb-2009 1972:05
0189 A chronological detail of flights and postings from RAFPearce from 11 November 1941 through to 25 November 1941 25-Nov-1941 Logbook RAAF.002.0006_E 05-Feb-2009 1980:08
0190 The submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry from Mr David Vincent and its attachments 24-Jul-2008 Submission (P.Inq) PINQ.SUBS.018.0007_R 05-Feb-2009 1985:42
0191 The Operations Record Book of No. 4 Special Flying Training Squadron at Geraldton 30-Dec-1941 Op Room Record RAAF.001.0018_E 05-Feb-2009 1986:44
0192 The interrogation record of Sub Lieutenant Bunjes 01-Dec-1941 Interrogation Notes/Reports NAA.012.0764_BUNJES 05-Feb-2009 1988:33
0193 Statement of Mr Ean McDonald concerning Mr David Young Statement/Declaration WIT.023.0018_R 05-Feb-2009 1992:34
0194 Record of Gunleor movements 21-Jan-1942 Intelligence Report NAA.073.0108_E 05-Feb-2009 1997:06
0195 Index to Exhibit 0195 Index EXH.195.0001 05-Feb-2009 2002:03
0196 Index to Exhibit 0196 Index EXH.196.0001 05-Feb-2009 2011:35
0197 Material handed by Greg Bathgate. Excerpt from 'Every Mans Encyclopedia. Radio Communication Extract EXH.197.0001 05-Feb-2009 2057:37
0198 Branding of rubber inflatable lifebelts and covers - CNO 168 of 16 June 1942
Life Saving Equipment - CNO 163 of 28 November 1939
28-Nov-1939 Instructions/Order EML.005.0111
06-Feb-2009 2081:13
0199 Story No. 72348 - Notes That John Samuels Referred to Lifebelts Rather Than Lifejackets 19-Dec-2007 Webpages SUBM.008.0091 06-Feb-2009 2082:29
0200 Letter from Ms Lumley
Gloria Willcocks - Brooke - Malaka Straits
04-May-2000 Letters SUBM.008.0019_R
06-Feb-2009 2083:23
0201 Analysis of Unknown Burials 02-Sept-2008 List MCB.001.0007_E 06-Feb-2009 2086:25
0202 Story No. 72201 - Do you Know this Man 15-Dec-2007 Webpages SUBM.008.0090 06-Feb-2009 2088:09
0203 Index to Exhibit 203 Index EXH.203.0001 05-Mar-2009 2140:26
0204 Affidavit of Grace Carr sworn 3 March 2009 Affidavit COI.006.0247 05-Mar-2009 2164:26
0205 Record of Service of Keith McLeod 12-Apr-1943 Record of Service COI.006.0240 05-Mar-2009 2174:42
0206 Record of Service of Hubert Charles McLeod 22-Nov-1945 Record of Service COI.006.0179 05-Mar-2009 2175:01
0207 Index to Exhibit 207 Index EXH.207.0001 16-Mar-2009 2185:06
0208 Report - The Scientific Investigation of the Carley Float by John Ashton and Cathy Challenor 01-Nov-1993 Report COI.002.0016 16-Mar-2009 2186:26
0209 Photograph showing the locations of the various lifeboats and lifebelts and Carley Floats recovered between 23 and 28 November 1941 off the Western Australian coast north of the position where the wrecks of Kormoran and Sydney are now known to be Photograph EXH.209.0001 16-Mar-2009 2210:05
0210 The media release of Mr Billson of 17 October 2006 17-Oct-2006 Media Extract COI.004.0225 16-Mar-2009 2225:30
0211 The notes of the meeting at the Australian War Memorial to discuss research findings concerning the unknown sailor from Christmas Island of 2 December 2006 01-Dec-2006 Meeting Minutes NHQ.001.0118 16-Mar-2009 2225:38
0212 Index to Exhibit 212 - Report titled "Forensic Odontology Report - Unidentified Remains Recovered from Christmas Island - Sep 06" and its enclosures 31-Jan-2006 Index EXH.212.0001 17-Mar-2009 2227:19
0213 A list compiled by the Commission of Inquiry, which numbers all 645 officers and crew on board HMAS Sydney and notes their exclusion on either DNA, dental, height or age or any multiple of those factors 31-Jan-2006 List EXH.213.0001 17-Mar-2009 2235:18
0214 Report on the Analysis of Objects Recovered from a Grave on Christmas Island in 2006" authored by George Bailey, Catherine Challenor and Jane Peck 01-Dec-2006 Report NHQ.001.0023_R 17-Mar-2009 2243:45
0215 Index to Exhibit 215 - Group of photographs from the archives of the Australian War Memorial Index EXH.215.0001 17-Mar-2009 2259:04
0216 Index to Exhibit 216 - Group of photographs from the archives of the Australian War Memorial Index EXH.216.0001 17-Mar-2009 2262:31
0217 Shipping Intelligence Report from Captain Denne 25-Feb-1942 Report SPC.001.0035 or NAA.018.0228 17-Mar-2009 2267:31
0218 Shipping Intelligence Report which records an account of Mr Baker, an official at Christmas Island, concerning his description of the body and Carley Float washed up on Christmas Island 23-Feb-1942 Report COI.005.0264 or NAA.018.0230 17-Mar-2009 2267:39
0219 Report of Det Sgt Timothy John Snow 10-Nov-2006 Report COI.006.0130 18-Mar-2009 2276:13
0220 Report on the Examination of Skeletal Remains from Christmas Island 18-Dec-2006 Report COI.001.0091 18-Mar-2009 2277:36
0221 Email from Michael Montgomery to Professor Johann Duflou, of 29 April 2008 29-Apr-2008 Email EML.004.0278_R 18-Mar-2009 2286:41
0222 Statutory Declaration of Austin Chapman 05-Nov-2008 Statutory Declaration WIT.021.0001 18-Mar-2009 2291:45
0223 History of the Australian White Ensign in 1967 18-Mar-2009 Webpage COI.007.0029 18-Mar-2009 2291:47
0224 Index to Exhibit 224 - Extract of Interrogation Notes of Jurgensen and Captain Detmers Index EXH.224.0001 18-Mar-2009 2299:39
0225 Index to Exhibit 225 - Instruction of 4 November 1941, 3 May 1941 Index EXH.225.0001 18-Mar-2009 2314:45
0226 3 photographs of Straat Malaka produced by Mr Olsen which bears details and description of the ship said to have been taken by the RAAF, No 11 Squadron on 10 July 1941. 10-July-1941 Photograph EXH.226.0001 18-Mar-2009 2330:05
0227 Newspaper Report and the article called 'The Capture of a German Supply Ship' 03-May-1941 Media Extract EXH.227.0001 18-Mar-2009 2352:27
0228 HMAS SYDNEY - The last trip before her loss 19-Nov-1996 Note EXH.228.0001_R 18-Mar-2009 in Chambers
0229 Statutory Declaration of Grace Felicia Richardson 21-Jan-2009 Statutory Declaration WIT.026.0001 23-Mar-2009 2358:38
0230 Extract from Dr Stevens' book 'A Critical Vulnerability' Publication PUB.013.0001 23-Mar-2009 2382:43
0231 German/Japanese Radio Communications BID 23/T52/45 01-Jan-1944 Letter (Historical) SUBM.007.0330 23-Mar-2009
0232 Commonwealth Navy orders dated 20 October 1942, Order CNO 351 20-Oct-1942 Naval Order COI.007.0041 23-Mar-2009 2392:36
0233 Index to Exhibit 233 - Letter to to Dr Pfennigwerth of 3 March 2009 from LCDR Harper & The Response of Dr Pfennigwerth Index EXH.233.0001 23-Mar-2009 2394:46
0234 Index to Exhibit 234 - Letter from CMDR Rush to Dr Pfennigwerth dated 26 February 2009 & Opinion of Dr Pfennigwerth in relation to HFDF capability dated 9 March 2009 Index EXH.234.0001 23-Mar-2009 2395:11
0235 Statement of Mr Reginald Lander made to the Parliamentary Inquiry 30-Apr-1997 Statement EML.005.0293 23-Mar-2009 2406:10
0236 Supplementary Submission from Cpt Arundel dated March 2009 01-Mar-2009 Submission SUBM.008.0210 24-Mar-2009 2411:08
0237 Extract from the International Code of Signals book 1931, the signal NNJ, which is, 'You should make your signal letters' 01-Jan-1932 Extract PUB.005.0110_E 24-Mar-2009 2417:06
0238 Letter of the Captain of HMA Durban, dated 25 March 1942 25-Mar-1942 Letter (Historical) COI.007.0048 24-Mar-2009 2418:34
0239 Submission of Mr Clark to the Parliamentary Inquiry 1998 Submission PINQ.SUBS.011.0097 25-Mar-2009 2503:20
0240 Submission of Mr Kennedy to the Parliamentary Inquiry 19-Jun-1998 Submission PINQ.SUBS.016.0020 25-Mar-2009 2503:25
0241 Service Records of Charles Edward Pedersen 29-Sep-1941 Service Record NAA.102.0143 25-Mar-2009 2503:30
0242 A list of crew acquired through records of Australia up to 8 September 1941 of the ship Centaur 17-Sep-1941 List NAA.103.0001 25-Mar-2009 2503:36
0243 Then abstracts of the logbook of Centaur from which show the entirety of the crew from July of 1941 until April of 1942. 17-Mar-1947 Log Book NAA.104.0001 25-Mar-2009 2503:43
0244 Interrogation Notes of Hans Linke 08-Dec-1941 Interrogation Notes NAA.012.0085_LINKE 25-Mar-2009 2507:10
0245 Document handed by the witness to the Commissioner, HMAS Sydney to Commission of Inquiry EXH.245.0001 25-Mar-2009 2554:31
0246 Letter from Mr Kennedy to Mike McCarthy 07-Feb-2000 Letter EXH.246.0001_R 25-Mar-2009 2555:14
0247 Index to Exhibit 247 - Letter from ASIO to Commander Rush and Reply Index EXH.234.0001 25-Mar-2009 2556:21
0248 Statutory Declaration of Beryl Caroline Luscombe and its attachments 11-Mar-2009 Statutory Declaration EXH.248.0001_R 25-Mar-2009 2556:43
0249 Index to Exhibit 249 - Letter from the German Military Archives of 2/3/2009 -German document and English translation Index EXH.249.0001 25-Mar-2009 2557:25
0250 Index to Exhibit 250 - Letter to Mr Montague dated 11/3/09 enclosing EML.005.0347_E and Reply Index EXH.250.0001 25-Mar-2009 2557:43
0251 Index to Exhibit 251 Index EXH.251.0001 31-Mar-2009 In Chambers
0252 Index to Exhibit 252 Index EXH.252.0001 27-Jul-2009 In Chambers