Task Group Taji build Urban Training facility


Task Group Taji build Urban Training facility (1.51 mins)

Australian and New Zealand soldiers from Task Group Taji 8, with the assistance of instructors from the Iraqi Army School of Infantry NCO II (SINCO II), have built a new Modular Urban Training Facility at the Taji Military Complex, north of Baghdad. The new training facility, given to SINCO II by the Australian government, is made of hardened plastic bricks and will last much longer than the wooden facades they are replacing. The Australian, New Zealand led Task Group Taji is part of Combined Joint Task Force- Operation Inherent Resolve, the US led Coalition building the capacity of the Iraqi Security Forces. Task Group Taji supports SINCO II as it trains the Iraqi Security Forces to secure and stabilise areas of Iraq liberated from Daesh.

Publish Date 19 Jun 2019
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