Task Group Taji trains 41st Iraqi Army Brigade


Task Group Taji trains 41st Iraqi Army Brigade (1.15 mins)

Task Group Taji-7, together with the Baghdad Fighting School, has trained over 1400 Iraqi Army soldiers from 41st Brigade over a 10 week period at the Taji Military Complex in Iraq. This is the second Iraqi Army Brigade the Task Group has trained during its six month rotation and the last full training package it will deliver before being replaced by Task Group Taji-8 in December 2018. The Iraqi soldiers were trained in essential soldier skills including weapons handling, marksmanship, combat first aid, urban and rural operations, combat leadership and explosive hazard awareness before completing a series of realistic exercise scenarios to test their new skills. The training program also wrapped up with a shooting competition between the best shooters of the Brigade. Task Group Taji is a combined Australian-New Zealand training unit of around 400 personnel and is in Iraq to train elements of the Iraqi Security Forces to ensure they are well postured to secure and stabilise areas cleared of Daesh.

Publish Date 28 Nov 2018
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