Advise and Assist Team in Iraq


Advise and Assist Team in Iraq (1.7 mins)

The Task Group Taji-7 Advise and Assist team has been assisting the North Baghdad Operations Centre (NBOC) with the planning and conduct of operations in the area surrounding the Taji Military Complex and the northern approaches to Baghdad. The team helped NBOC staff devise a plan for 59th Brigade clearance operations in the Al Tarmiyah area and has been monitoring its progress. Iraqi Army soldiers from 59th Brigade completed a ten week training package with Task Group Taji in August and returned a week later to the front line to provide security and clear the area of Daesh insurgents. The ‘Advise and Assist’ role is complementary to Task Group Taji’s mission to train Iraqi Security Forces as they focus on securing the North Baghdad area and approaches from any future insurgent threat.

Publish Date 14 Nov 2018
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