Afghan National Army Sergeant Major Academy


Afghan National Army Sergeant Major Academy  (0.58 mins)

On 29 August 2018, over 70 Afghan Sergeant Majors graduated from the Afghan National Army Sergeant Major Academy (ANASMA). Students at ANASMA spend six months undergoing professional military education to help them prepare for the leadership and management challenges they face in their units, and to prepare them for higher level appointments. ANASMA’s students come from a range of different disciplines within the Afghan National Defence and Security Forces: Army, Police, Special Forces, Border Security and Air Force. The day of the graduation was particularly special as it also marked the official opening of the ANASMA Library. Funded by Australia under the Defence Cooperation Program, the library offers a wide selection of books on subjects including leadership, management, military and general history, politics, law and more. An Australian Advisor Team at ANASMA participated in the graduation and the library opening. The team is helping ANASMA improve the strength of their institution, by supporting them in developing better institutional relationships with other training establishments and advising them on growing their capacity and capability. The Australian Defence Force has led the advisory team at ANASMA since 2017, as part of Operation Highroad, the name given to Australia’s contribution to the NATO-led mission in Afghanistan.

Publish Date 25 Sep 2018
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