Abseiling adventure training on Exercise Pandaroo


Abseiling adventure training on Exercise Pandaroo (0.33 mins)

Ten soldiers from the People’s Liberation Army – China, and ten soldiers from the Australian Army are taking part in Exercise Pandaroo 2018, taking place in the Blue Mountains and Sydney regions from 18-28 September 2018. Hosted by the Australian Army’s 6th Brigade, this year sees the participants undertake adventure training activities, including abseiling, and sea kayaking, focussing on teamwork, friendship and trust among the participating nations. Exercise Pandaroo 2018 is the fourth land-based bilateral military exercise involving Australian and Chinese personnel. The exercise provides participants with an understanding of the basic principles, procedures and techniques required to carry out safe adventure training activities in Australia. The exercise reflects our shared commitment to regional cooperation and mutual understanding and has run successfully since its inception in 2015.

Publish Date 20 Sep 2018
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