Task Group Taji trains Iraqi Army 59th Brigade


Task Group Taji trains Iraqi Army 59th Brigade (0.57 mins)

Task Group Taji-7 has completed training around 1800 soldiers from the 59th Iraqi Army Brigade at the Taji Military Complex in Iraq. The Australian and New Zealand contingent worked alongside Iraqi Army instructors from the Baghdad Fighting School to deliver 10 weeks of training that focused on individual and collective soldier skills. The training culminated with a series of confirmatory activities that tested each Battalion within the Brigade. The central event was a challenging blank-fire deliberate attack in the urban and rural environment, complete with air-mobile insertions, M1A1 Abrams tank support, the employment of engineers and support weapons. Task Group Taji-7 consists of around 300 Australians and 100 New Zealanders and will be deployed to train Iraqi Security Forces until December 2018.

Publish Date 06 Sep 2018
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