Task Group Taji-VII Hospital Exercise


Task Group Taji-VII Hospital Exercise (1.12 mins)

The Task Group Taji-VII Health Company simulated medical emergencies to test its medical staff during a hospital exercise at Gallipoli Barracks in April ahead of the Task Group’s deployment to Iraq on Operation OKRA. The training involved Task Group Taji medics treating role-players, who had mock wounds and suffered from various conditions, inside a portable advanced emergency care facility to prepare them for their role on the operation. The Task Group Taji Health Company greatly enhances the Task Group’s ability to achieve its mission by ensuring that its soldiers and coalition partners have the best medical care available, if needed. Around 300 Australian and 100 New Zealand Defence Force personnel are part of Task Group Taji-VII and are deploying to Iraq to train the Iraqi Security Forces in their efforts to defeat the Daesh terrorist group.

Publish Date 30 Apr 2018
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