Iraqi Marksmanship training


Iraqi Marksmanship training (1.15 mins)

Under the instruction of Australian and New Zealand military trainers, selected members of the 1st Qwat Khasa Battalion completed the Advanced Marksmanship Course at Taji Military Complex with an assessment that resulted in the qualification of 13 marksman pairs. More than 300 Australian and 100 New Zealand military personnel are deployed to Iraq on Operation Okra as part of Task Group Taji 6. They are deployed to train members of the Iraqi Security Forces to defeat Daesh. The training provided by the Australian and New Zealand troops includes: the laws of armed conflict, weapons handling, first aid, vehicle checkpoints, explosive hazards awareness, building clearances and obstacle breaching techniques. Instruction is inclusive of tactics, techniques and procedures from squad through to company-level operations.

Publish Date 15 Feb 2018
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