Combat shooting skills training


Combat shooting skills training (1.15 mins)

Australian Army special forces soldiers are using innovative teaching techniques to pass on world’s best advanced combat shooting skills to regular infantry soldiers during a prototype training course at Majura training area outside Canberra from 6 November to 10 December 2016. Over the past five-to-10 years, Special Air Service Regiment (SASR) instructors have developed innovative teaching techniques to ensure new SASR soldiers are quickly taught the latest combat shooting skills and techniques. The prototype training course is fusing these innovative teaching techniques with the latest shooting range technologies to provide the regular infantry soldiers with a near-real immersive combat environment to pass on the advanced combat shooting skills. After the course is over the regular infantry soldiers will take these innovative teaching and combat shooting skills back to their School of Infantry and infantry battalion training positions to further impart the knowledge. The prototype combat shooting skills course is another innovation being trialled by Major General ‘Gus’ McLachlan, AM, as Head of Army’s Modernisation and Strategic Planning within Army Headquarters.

Publish Date 01 Dec 2016
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