Final training activity for 21st Composite Brigade


Final training activity for 21st Composite Brigade (1.15 mins)

The Iraqi Army School of Infantry NCO II (SINCO II) conducted its culminating activity of the latest program of instruction with soldiers from the 21st Composite Brigade on Wednesday 13 November 2019. Held at one of the Taji Military Complex’s urban training facilities, the Iraqi soldiers cleared fictitious enemy from three buildings as part of Exercise TALON STRIKE. Exercise TALON STRIKE was the final culminating activity held under direct observation of Australian and New Zealand advisers after nine rotations of Task Group Taji. SINCO II announced full operational capability on 19 November 2019, which marked the transition of Australian and New Zealand support from hands-on training teams to a School Mentoring Team. Task Group Taji 9 is mentoring the Iraqi Army as part of our Build Partner Capacity mission on Operation OKRA and Operation MANAWA. Operation OKRA is the Australian commitment to the US-led Operation Inherent Resolve, the military intervention against the terrorist group Daesh, while Operation MANAWA is the New Zealand commitment. Task Group Taji has trained more than 46,000 members of the Iraqi Security Forces and law enforcement agency personnel since 2015.

Publish Date 21 Nov 2019
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