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Joint Capabilities Group

Joint Logistics Command

Defence Explosive Ordnance Publication 101

Defence Explosive Ordnance Publication (DEOP) 101 - Department of Defence Explosives Regulations.

DEOP 101: Department of Defence explosive regulations provides the principles and policies for the storage, transport and handling of explosive ordnance.

Issue 4 Released October 2016


Introduction Introduction: PDF 32KB
Scope Scope: PDF 41KB
Roles and Responsibilities Roles and Responsibilities: PDF 232KB
Forms and Labels Forms and Labels: PDF 82KB
Glossary of Terms Glossary of Terms: PDF 632KB
Overview Overview: PDF 70KB
Section 1. Principal Regulations Principal Regulations: PDF 1,380KB
Section 2. Classification of Explosives Classification of Explosives: PDF 2,036KB
Section 3. Transport of Explosives Transport of Explosives: PDF 580KB
Section 4. Storage and Handling of Explosives Storage and Handling of Explosives: PDF 3,676KB
Section 5. Licensing for Explosives Licensing for Explosives: PDF 3,168KB
Section 6. Design Criteria for Explosives Facilities Design Criteria for Explosives Facilities: PDF 3, 889KB