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Joint Capabilities Group

Joint Logistics Command

Directorate of Ordnance Safety

Ordnance Safety crest

The Directorate of Ordnance Safety (DOS) is a business unit of Explosive Ordnance Branch (EOB), within Joint Logistics Command (JLC).

On behalf of the Explosive Ordnance Safety Regulator (EOSR), DOS is delegated responsibility for the implementation and management of the Explosive Ordnance Safety Program (EOSP). This delegation includes the authority to:

  • Interpret the intent of explosive ordnance safety policy and regulations, and issues codes of practice, authoritative advice and guidance
  • Assess and endorse the explosive safety competence of individuals
  • Endorse explosive ordnance safety arguments
  • Direct and conduct compliance and enforcement activities against explosive ordnance safety legislation, policy and regulations
  • Direct and conduct explosive ordnance safety accident and incident investigations

In addition, DOS is delegated certain functions and powers of the Competent Authority under the Explosive Transport Regulations 2002 for the transport of Defence EO by road and rail. This includes the Hazard Classification of EO.

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For more details on the EOSP please contact DOS at

For information regarding unexploded ordnance, please navigate to our Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) website.