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Defence Industry


Defence is monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on Australia’s defence industry and the supply chains that support Australian Defence Force (ADF) capability.

Our defence industry is a national strategic asset that relies on companies all over Australia to deliver the capability our ADF needs and to provide the national support base necessary to respond to changes in our strategic environment.

COVID-19 has introduced unprecedented challenges to our defence industrial base, especially for small and medium sized businesses that are a critical part of the sector.

Defence Ministers and senior officials are holding regular discussions with key industry group representatives and company executives. Ministers have also announced Government support measures for the Australian defence industry.

An Industry Support Cell has been established within the Defence COVID-19 Taskforce to assist defence industry in responding to the pandemic.

The Industry Support Cell is comprised of representatives from across Defence with a broad range of skills and experience to connect defence industry partners with the latest whole-of-government response efforts and opportunities.

An overview of information, grants and assistance available from the Australian Government can be found here

Support to contractors

Defence is working with industry to:

  • care for our personnel;
  • ensure continuity in equipping and sustaining our troops; and
  • assist industry and the broader economy.

To support defence industry and businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19, we are taking a united approach to contract management and performance. This includes adopting a consistent position in relation to all current contracts. If you need to discuss your circumstances in relation to a Defence contract, email and we will have someone get back to you as a priority.

Contractor personnel should speak with their own employer for advice on managing their health risks during this time.

If contractor personnel present with cold/flu like symptoms, they are also advised to call 1800 DEFENCE (1800 333 362) to help Defence implement preventative measures and monitor potential impacts on operations.

Additional information for Defence suppliers can be found here

The Department of Finance has published a procurement policy note to assist entities who are considering undertaking procurements in the current COVID-19 environment or are addressing contractual matters with affected suppliers:

Restrictions on non-essential services and border movements

The Australian Government has announced a national three step plan to relax COVID-19 restrictions, with states and territories to decide when each step will be implemented locally.

Restrictions have been placed on a number of services. For further information visit:

This website also contains links to specific details from each state or territory on the latest border restrictions and business closures in accordance with state and territory laws.

Additional information for Defence suppliers can be found here

Proposals from defence industry

Australia’s business, research and academic organisations produce some of the world’s most innovative and cutting-edge defence technologies. The Industry Support Cell encourages proposals from defence industry to support the whole-of-government response effort to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Industry Support Cell is continuing to coordinate proposals received by Defence, and where required with other government departments, including for medical supplies, personal protective equipment, freight and logistics services.

In addition, there are now two portals available that support the engagement and collaboration between Industry, Academia and the Commonwealth for the national pandemic response.

The National COVID Technology Capability Portal hosted by DMTC Ltd welcomes engagement and collaborations, particularly between the Commonwealth and the academic/research sectors, for innovative and helpful solutions to crisis situations. The portal can be accessed via

The Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) platform connects purchasers of critical medical and personal protective equipment with Australian manufacturers and suppliers. Business are encouraged to register via so they can view listings and make connections. More information about the AMGC portal can be found at

Defence capability related proposals and feedback can continue to be submitted via email to:

State and territory information, grants and assistance

You may also be eligible for assistance from your State or Territory Government.

Each Australian state and territory has different financial assistance and restrictions for businesses affected by the coronavirus, so it’s important to stay up‐to‐date with new announcements.