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Annual Report 2014–15

Volume 1, Part 2 : Performance

Chief Operating Officer overview

The Associate Secretary and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Brendan Sargeant, is responsible for strategic reform, support and policy advice to Defence. The role integrates the work of different parts of Defence to get more effective and efficient outcomes, particularly in the areas of service delivery.

In 2014–15, the Chief Operating Officer provided coordinated and substantive specialist advice and services to the Defence ministers, the Secretary and the CDF. The Chief Operating Officer domain incorporates three programmes: Defence Support and Reform (1.6), Chief Information Officer (1.7) and Defence People (1.8).

Significant support was provided to the First Principles Review team, which delivered its report to government on schedule in March 2015. From the release of the review on 1 April, implementation planning began, in consultation with the Secretary and the CDF. Further information on the First Principles Review can be found in Chapter 7.

The primary focus for the Chief Operating Officer in 2014–15 was transformation of service delivery and integrating the work of the enabling Groups to ensure that they work more effectively together to strengthen their support for Defence capability. Work progressed on developing Defence’s service delivery systems and making corporate and enabling services more efficient, integrated and relevant to customer needs. This involved the development of an agreed service delivery framework for Defence, continuing implementation of shared services, standardising services, removing duplication of functions and ensuring that there are single, clear lines of ownership and accountability.

The Enterprise Management System, including Defence corporate planning and risk management, has matured and Defence is well placed to comply with the risk and performance management aspects of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 in 2015–16.