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Building a career through delivering great customer service

Natalie Booth

When Natalie Booth began working at Defence almost 30 years ago, she never thought she would be there for so long.

‘I still remember coming in to work on my first day all those years ago’, she said.

‘I just take each day as it comes, but I certainly didn’t think that I would be here to receive an award for 30 years of service.’

During her long career at Defence, Natalie has worked in a variety of areas, including the typing pool, the Word Processing Cell and the Defence Publishing Service. She is currently a member of the team in one of the customer service centres in Canberra, where she said she enjoys a variety of tasks and being part of a supportive team.

‘We have a great working environment—it’s inviting, supportive and fun, which is what keeps us going on the really busy days’, Natalie said.

Dean Wright

Dean Wright commenced with the Department of Defence in 1990 and currently works as a processing centre officer in the Customer Service Centre. His primary responsibilities include mail deliveries, conference facility support and recycling bin management.

Dean started at Defence through a program for people with disability, an initiative that Defence continues to support today.

He said that mornings are the busiest time of the day for the team at the Customer Service Centre, as they sort and deliver the day’s mail.

‘We work as a team and everyone helps out when it gets really busy’, he said.

Dean said that what he enjoys most about his job is interacting with people.

‘I enjoy getting out of the office and talking to people as I walk around the building delivering mail’, he said.

‘I say “Hi” to everyone and I am always polite because that is how we treat our clients.’

Sam Fogarty

Sam Fogarty joined Defence as a permanent employee in the Customer Service Centre in September 2013. After six months of work experience with the department, Sam was employed through the department’s Centre of Diversity Expertise, which carries out Defence’s commitment to a fair and equitable workplace by providing a work environment that values and respects diversity.

‘I really enjoyed work experience and wanted to continue working at Defence’, he said.

Sam, whose Dad is a former ADF member, has a passion for collecting old military uniforms. He said he enjoys being in an environment that is so closely related to his hobby and his family connection to the military.

Sam sees a long career at Defence ahead of him, saying he would like to work at Defence for the next 35 years.