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Annual Report 2013-14

Feature articles

Project Suakin

The ability to attract and retain the right people, in the right numbers, is fundamental to the sustainment of ADF capability. Project Suakin is a whole-of-Defence workforce model designed to contribute to ADF capability by providing the flexibility to manage the workforce using full-time, part-time and casual service arrangements.

The flexibility afforded by the new model will contribute to a reduction in the barriers limiting members’ ability to achieve a long-term military career, and support increased diversity across the military workforce. Simpler transfer arrangements between categories of service—for example, from full-time to part-time and vice versa—and at various stages of a member’s life will result in greater retention of skills and knowledge and a reduction in turnover in critical trades.

During 2013–14, milestones set to track the development of the foundation elements of the new model were largely achieved. The project has supported the alignment of certain allowances and conditions of service for Reservists, and the detailed design of the new workforce model is nearing completion.

Phase 2 of the project commenced on 1 July 2014. Its primary focus is to put in place the mechanisms needed to deploy the model. The outputs of Project Suakin will enhance Defence’s ability to deliver military capability while at the same time enabling staff to achieve a number of strategic personnel objectives.