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Annual Report 2013-14

Feature articles

Pacific Services Group Holdings—Indigenous-owned enterprise

An Indigenous-owned enterprise, Pacific Services Group Holdings, has been engaged by Defence to deliver a project worth up to $6 million in support of the Navy’s Canberra-class amphibious assault ships. This is a first for an Australian Government construction contract.

Defence used an exemption under the Commonwealth Procurement Rules to engage Pacific Services as the head contractor for the works, which will refurbish existing marine infrastructure and buildings at HMAS Waterhen in Sydney in preparation for the landing helicopter dock (LHD) landing craft. Under the exemption, a small to medium enterprise with at least 50 per cent Indigenous ownership can be directly engaged without the need to conduct a full tender process, on the condition that the procurement represents value for money.

The landing craft will serve as critical ship-to-shore connectors for the multi-billion-dollar LHD ships, which will be central to the ADF’s amphibious capability.

Group photograph of members of Pacific Services Group Holdings and Defence. One woman and four men are standing behind two men who are seated at the table signing a contract. One man is in military uniform and the other is in civilian clothing.

Pacific Servies Group Holdings and Defence contract signing

Back row (L to R): Ms Holly Lowe (Defence), Lieutenant Commander Steele Morgan (Defence), Mr Pat Gagel (Defence), Mr Chris Bulmer (Pacific Services) and Mr Nathan Austin (Pacific Services)
Front row (L to R): Mr Shane Jacobs (Pacific Services) and Colonel Ian Cumming (Defence)