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Vice Chief of the Defence Force

Force Exploration Hub

Thinking about the future

The Force Exploration Hub’s thinking about the future is structured by domains and themes. Our thinking in these areas is strengthened by contributions from a wide range of individuals and organisations. We are committed to expanding this network and want to hear from people interested in contributing ideas and insights about the range of potential futures.

Looking to 2040 and beyond, the Force Exploration Hub is working on issues including:

Robotics and Autonomous Systems

'How will the ADF future force exploit RAS to gain advantages throughout the spectrum of conflict, and how can the ADF counter threats posed by RAS to the future force?'

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Future Logistics

'How does the ADF deliver logistics effects to create advantage across the competition to conflict continuum in the FOE, and how can the ADF work with coalition and industry partners to counter threats to the DefLogEnt?'

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The Potential Implications of Kra Canal in Thailand

A futures analysis examining plausible conditions that would potentially result from the construction of a canal through the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand. Hotly debated in Thai politics, the 'Kra Canal' would provide an alternative sea-lane to the highly congested Malacca Strait chokepoint, and have deep strategic and security consequences for the region. The examination of the Kra Canal through the use of future scenarios provides strategic implications that the ADF can draw on to inform strategic planning and force design.

Future of the Law of Armed Conflict

An examination of the ways in which the laws of armed conflict (and related regimes of international law) might evolve over the coming decades. We require an understanding of the ways in which military law might evolve in response to a variety of dynamics if we are to develop a nuanced understanding of the forces that might shape the ADF’s rules of engagement; and, by extension, the nature of the military capabilities. This project is being developed in conjunction with UNSW-ADFA and with contributions from Australian and international institutions.

Future(s) of Melanesia

A futures analysis focussed on our near neighbours (West Papua to Vanuatu). Despite its prominence in much of our strategic guidance, the future of this region is under examined.

Future of Medicine Technologies

A study that examines how advancements in medical technologies may be harnessed by the ADF for use across a variety of missions (e.g. Combat; HADR; Military Diplomacy).

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