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Part 3: Definitions

1.3.1 Overview

  1. This Part defines terms and explains concepts used in Chapters 1 to 17.

  2. The terms defined in this Part apply to more than one Chapter. Terms with a special definition used only in particular areas are defined in that area.

  3. Special definitions about dependants are in Division 2 of this Part.

  4. Special definitions about overseas conditions of service are in Chapter 12 Part 3.

  5. The Acts Interpretation Act 1901 and the Defence Act 1903 contain definitions of other terms that may apply.

    Example 1: The Defence Act 1903 defines member, officer, remuneration, the Permanent Forces and the Reserves.

    Example 2: The Acts Interpretation Act 1901 specifies how to work out periods of time and defines some commonly used words, including Australia, month, calendar year, financial year, the Commonwealth.

  6. Time is expressed using a 24-hour clock system.

  7. Note: Definitions in this Part may apply to Reserve service members. For further information see section 1.2.4.

    See: Part 2 section 1.2.4, Meaning of words and phrases

  1. If a term is not defined anywhere in this manual or other legislation, it has the same meaning as in the Macquarie Dictionary.


This Part includes the following Divisions.

Division 1 Definitions – general

Division 2 Dependants and categorisation

Application to Reservists: Yes, where applicable.

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