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Division 11: Travel for representational purposes

9.3.85 Member accompanied on business travel within Australia

  1. A member is not eligible to have their spouse or partner accompany them at Commonwealth expense on Defence business travel within Australia.

    Exception: The CDF may approve a spouse or partner to travel for representational purposes and accompany the member at Commonwealth expense. Approval may only be given if the CDF is satisfied that it is demonstrably in the interests of the Commonwealth, given the purpose of the travel, for the member to be accompanied by their spouse or partner.

  2. If the CDF approves accompanied travel on Defence business within Australia, the member is eligible for all the following, as applicable.

    1. The reasonable additional cost of accommodation.

    2. The spouse's or partner's transportation cost by the same mode and class of travel as the member. This is the only transportation cost payable for the member's spouse or partner.

    3. Costs incurred for meals, up to the same daily limit as the member's eligibility for meals under Annex 9.5.A Part 4 for travel on Defence business within Australia.

Note: Accountable Authority Instruction (AAI) 16 - Official travel must be taken into consideration when undertaking or approving travel.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE505, Travel Request Form

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