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Division 6: Travel on ceasing continuous full-time service – general

9.2.27 Purpose

This Division sets out a member's travel, baggage and accommodation benefits when they travel in Australia on ceasing continuous full-time service.

Note 1: These benefits are in addition to the basic benefit in Part 1 of this Chapter.

Note 2: This table sets out where other benefits related to travel on ceasing continuous full-time service can be found in this Manual.

Item Benefit See
1. Removal benefits Chapter 6 Part 5
2. Travel costs Part 5
3. Disturbance allowance Chapter 6 Part 1 Division 1
4. Rent allowance Chapter 7 Part 8
5. Temporary accommodation allowance Chapter 7 Part 5

9.2.28 Members this Division applies to

A member and their dependants may be eligible for travel at Commonwealth expense to a location they are removed to in any of these circumstances.

  1. On ceasing continuous full-time service for any reason.

    Note: Eligibility is limited for a member whose service is terminated through their own fault and who is not eligible for a removal.

    See: Division 7 section 9.2.36, Service terminated through member's fault

  2. In advance of ceasing continuous full-time service.

  3. In anticipation of ceasing continuous full-time service for compassionate reasons.

    See also: Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 6 section 6.5.46, Removal on ceasing continuous full-time service

  4. Note: In the total workforce model, continuous full-time service may be described as service in Service category 6 or 7. A member who is in Service category 3, 4 or 5 and Service option C is also on continuous full-time service.

9.2.29 Members this Division does not apply to

This Division does not apply to members or their dependants when they have either of the following benefits.

  1. Travel for candidates for election.

  2. Travel for dependants on death of a member.

    See: Part 3 Division 10, Travel of dependants on death of a member

9.2.30 Additional baggage for travel on ceasing continuous full-time service

  1. If a member's dependants travel by rail, they must take no more baggage than the railway authority carries for free.

  2. If the member and dependants travel by air as the most economical means, they may take additional baggage up to these limits.

    1. For these journeys, up to three more pieces of baggage for the member and two more for each adult dependant.

      1. To or from Darwin.

      2. To or from Tasmania.

      3. To or from a remote location and the nearest capital city.

      4. Between a place in an external territory and a place in Australia.

    2. For journeys to other places, one more piece of luggage for the member and one more piece for each adult dependant.

    Note: The Commonwealth will not pay any insurance costs relating to the baggage. This applies to all baggage, whether free, excess, accompanied or unaccompanied. If the baggage is part of a removal, insurance provisions may apply under Chapter 6 Part 5 Division 1 section 6.5.9A, Compensation for loss or damage to items stored or removed.

9.2.31 Meals and accommodation

  1. A member and their dependants will be reimbursed what they spend on meals and accommodation on their journey. The maximum amount is what they would have got if they were eligible for travel costs under Annex 9.5.A.

    See: Annex 9.5.A, Amounts for accommodation using travelling allowance and amounts for meals and incidentals using travelling allowance or travel card

  2. The member and dependants may choose not to travel by the most economical means. If they do, they will be reimbursed only up to the amount payable under subsection 1 for travel by the most economical means.

  3. If the member or dependants are eligible for travelling allowance for the journey, they are not eligible for the reimbursement of their costs.

9.2.32 Travel by private vehicle

  1. This section applies to a member who chooses to travel by private vehicle from a. to b. below.

    1. From the last location of posting (or transition centre).

    2. To the location they are removed to on ceasing continuous full-time service.

  2. The member is eligible for the sum of the following amounts (up to the limit in subsection 3). It is worked out as if they were travelling on posting from one location to the other.

    1. Vehicle allowance.

    2. If the vehicle is transported for part of the travel, the cost of transport for all the following.

      1. The vehicle.

      2. Any trailer towed by the vehicle.

      3. The member and any dependants.

    3. Travelling allowance for the member as if the travel were a relevant journey for Part 5 of this Chapter.

    4. Accommodation and meal costs of any dependants to the amount worked out under Part 5 Division 3.

  3. The amount of benefit is limited. It must not be more than what the Commonwealth would have paid for items a. to d. if the member and any dependants travelled by the most economical means.

  4. The CDF may grant the member an additional amount. Approval may only be given if the CDF is satisfied that the member reasonably spent more than they were eligible for under this Part. The CDF must consider all these criteria.

    1. The distance the member or dependant had to travel.

    2. The actual cost of accommodation and meals.

    3. The available standard of accommodation in relation to the member's status.

    4. The amount of unavoidable incidental costs the travel made necessary.

    5. Any other factor relevant to what was spent.

  5. If the member has died, their benefit under this section is payable to the dependant who pays the travel costs. They will be paid as if the member had completed the journey.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the CDF:
Supervisor not below WO2(E)/APS 4, in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.
Director/Commanding Officer not below MAJ(E)/APS 6 in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.

9.2.33 Member's adult dependant is also a member

If a member's adult dependant is also a member, the family unit has only one benefit.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • AE505, Travel Request Form

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