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Division 3: Loss of scholarship

8.4.16 Purpose

If a member's child changes schools due to posting, they may have to give up a scholarship. This Division pays the member for educational costs, to the value of that scholarship.

8.4.17 Member this Division applies to

For this Division, the member must meet all these conditions.

  1. The member is posted to another location.

  2. The member's child held a scholarship for education at a school in the losing location. The child could not use the scholarship because they changed schools to the gaining location.

    Note: A scholarship includes a bursary.

  3. The member is not eligible for any other education assistance outlined in this Part.

Note: Section 1.6.1 deals with situations where a member's adult dependant is also a member, and they would both be eligible for reimbursement for loss of a child's scholarship. Only one of the members is eligible.

See: Chapter 1 Part 6 section 1.6.1, Dual eligibility – member's adult dependant is also a member

8.4.18 Loss of scholarship

  1. The member is to be reimbursed the following educational costs. The costs are limited to the value of the part of the scholarship that is not yet used.

    1. Compulsory tuition fees at the gaining location, to the value of the scholarship.

    2. Costs for textbooks, to the value of any separate amount the scholarship paid for textbooks.

  2. The costs must be for education of a kind that the child would have received under the scholarship.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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