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Division 1: Definitions and key concepts

7.6.3 Definitions

This table defines terms used in this Part.

Term Definition in this Part
Allocate A home that is allocated under this Part is a home which Defence Housing Australia makes available as a reasonable offer of a Service residence.
Amenity group For an amenity-based Service residence, the classification given to the Service residence by the CDF.
Amenity-based classification The system for classifying a Service residence based on the number of functional amenities it has. Before 1 July 2007, all Service residences were classified this way.
See: Division 4
Defence establishment A Commonwealth site managed by the Department of Defence for use by the ADF. Some of these sites are also called 'military bases'.
Market rent A rent based on the assessed value of the Service residence.
See: Division 3
Market-rent-based classification The system for classifying a Service residence based on a combination of the minimum housing standard and market rent.
See: Division 3
On-base Located on a Defence establishment.
Rank group A group of ranks that includes a member's rank. Rank groups are used to determine the member's eligibility for a Service residence at a specified classification.
Note: Different rank groups are used for different housing classifications.
Division 3 section 7.6.13, Rent band for a member's rank group
Division 4 section 7.6.16, Amenity-based classification for a member's rank group
Reasonable offer An offer of a Service residence that meets the conditions set out in section 7.6.33.
See: Division 7 section 7.6.33, Acceptance or rejection of a reasonable offer
Suitable Service residence See: Division 2 section 7.6.4.
Surplus Service residence Those Service residences that are surplus to Defence Housing Australia's needs and meet both of these conditions.
  1. No member with dependants needs the home.
  2. There is no plan for a member with dependants to use the home in the next 12 months.
Waiting list A list of members who meet all the following conditions.
  1. The member is eligible for a Service residence.
  2. The member has been identified as needing a Service residence.
  3. The member does not have a Service residence.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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