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Part 5: Temporary accommodation allowance

7.5.1 Overview

This Part sets out the benefits and obligations of a member who must live in temporary accommodation at a location.

7.5.2 Definition – suitable accommodation

  1. In this Part, accommodation is suitable when it has enough furniture and effects for a member and any dependants to live in it on a normal domestic basis.

  2. In this Part, accommodation means one of the following.

    1. A Service residence.

    2. A suitable own home.

    3. A home for which rent allowance is payable.

    4. Accommodation provided under Part 7.

7.5.3 Definitions – SAFE scheme

The following definitions apply in this Part.

Term Definition in this Part

For the purpose of this Part, the term member includes any person described in subsection This has the effect of extending the benefits in this Part to a person granted accommodation under the SAFE scheme.

See: Division 1 section 7.5.6, Members eligible

The SAFE scheme

The SAFE scheme provides emergency assistance for persons who cannot remain in their home due to a domestic crisis. The domestic crisis may be happening or be threatened.

Note: The scheme may be known as the special accommodation for emergencies scheme.


  1. A person is threatened with domestic violence.
  2. Home invasion, burglary or other criminal activity.

Related Information: The following sections are of particular relevance to a person granted accommodation under the SAFE scheme.

Related information
Item Reference Subject


Division 1 subsection, Members eligible

Persons who may granted assistance under the SAFE scheme.


Division 1 section 7.5.7, Approval under the SAFE scheme

Power to grant assistance under the SAFE scheme.


Division 3 section 7.5.17, Length of period of eligibility, table item 4

Maximum period of eligibility that may be granted under the SAFE scheme.


Division 4 section 7.5.22, Amount of assistance – SAFE scheme

Benefits that may be paid.


Division 5 section 7.5.29, Rate of contribution, table item 4

Exemption from contributions.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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