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Division 1: Introduction

7.1.5 Purpose

The purpose of this Division is to outline these issues.

  1. The types of assistance a member can get to pay their housing and meal costs.

  2. Who is eligible for housing assistance.

  3. The kinds of accommodation a member may choose.

7.1.6 Eligibility for housing assistance

Housing assistance may be given to a member who needs suitable accommodation and does not have a suitable own home in their posting location. The choice and type of suitable accommodation will depend on the member's category.

Division 3 section 7.1.17, Suitable accommodation, for the definition of suitable accommodation
Chapter 8, Members and their dependants

7.1.7 Allowance not payable

A member is not eligible for an allowance or reimbursement under this Chapter for any period the member is not entitled to salary.

1. If the CDF has approved payment of an allowance during all or part of a period of leave without pay under subsection or subsection
2. A member who is on a flexible service determination.

Chapter 5 Part 10, Leave without pay
Part 8 Division 5 section 7.8.34, Member on leave without pay

7.1.8 Discretion in special circumstances

  1. The CDF may approve payment of an amount to a member who is not otherwise eligible for an allowance or reimbursement under this Chapter for reasons beyond the member's control. Approval may only be given if the CDF is satisfied that it is reasonable in the special circumstances and consistent with the purposes of this Chapter.

  2. However, the amount must not be more than that payable in the circumstances to a member who is eligible for an allowance or reimbursement under this Chapter.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the CDF:
Director Relocations and Housing
Assistant Director Relocation Services
Assistant Director Services Agreement
Assistant Contract Manager Services Agreement

7.1.9 Amount of allowance for member serving a period of detention

  1. This section applies to a member who is serving a period of detention under Service law.

  2. The member is eligible for any allowance that would otherwise have been payable to the member under this Chapter, if the allowance was payable to the member immediately before the member began to serve a period of detention.

    Note: Regulation 68 of the Defence Force Regulations 1952 provides that a member undergoing detention under service law forfeits all allowances, other than those specifically provided for under this Determination.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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