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Division 6: Travelling leave

5.9.16 Purpose

Travelling leave may be available to a member who is granted travel at Commonwealth expense for longer than 12 hours. It allows the member to spend all of a recreation or compassionate leave period at the leave destination, no matter what the location.

5.9.17 Member this Division applies to

  1. This Division applies to a member who undertakes any of the following kinds of travel at Commonwealth expense.

    1. Recreation leave travel taken in Australia only.

      See: Chapter 9 Part 4 Division 1

    2. Compassionate travel.

      See: Chapter 9 Part 3 Division 8

    3. Pre-deployment leave travel.

      See: Chapter 9 Part 4 Division 2

    4. Travel for removal purposes in Australia.

      See: Chapter 9 Part 2 Division 3

    5. Return travel to Australia from a deployment using relief out-of-country travel fare assistance provided under Chapter 17.

      See: Chapter 17 Part 7 Division 4, Relief out-of-country fare assistance

  2. Travelling leave is granted only for the period that the member would take to travel by the most economical means.

    Example: A member undertakes compassionate travel from Exmouth WA to Hobart. Travelling leave is granted for the period of travel by air.

    See: Chapter 9 Part 1, Basic travel benefits

5.9.18 Benefit

  1. The CDF may grant a member travelling leave up to the period worked out under subsection 2 below. The period includes Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

  2. This table sets out how much travelling leave the member is eligible for.

    Travelling leave benefit
    Item If the member's travel period (in hours) is... then they are eligible for a maximum period of travelling leave of...
    1. 12 or more but less than 36
    one day.
    2. 36 or more but less than 60
    two days.
    3. 60 or more but less than 84
    three days.
    4. 84 or more but less than 108
    four days.
    5. 108 or more but less than 132
    five days.
    6. 132 or more but less than 144
    six days.
  3. This subsection applies to a member serving in an overseas location who travels at their own cost between that location and Australia while on compassionate leave. In this case, the CDF may grant them travelling leave up to the period worked out under subsection 2.

  4. For subsection 3, travelling leave is granted for both of these periods.

    1. From the time of departure from the overseas location to first port of call in Australia.

    2. From the time of departure from Australia to arrival at the overseas location on the return journey.

  5. If leave destinations are not connected by a rail service, travelling leave may be granted as set out in subsection 2 based on the shortest journey time of a scheduled coach service.

  6. This subsection applies to a member of the Navy who travels at Commonwealth expense for recreation leave. If their travelling time by the most direct normal means of travel is more than 48 hours, then they must not be granted leave under this Division for such travel more than once in a leave year.

  7. For a member travelling on a journey to or from Australia on relief out-of-country travel fare assistance, the period of travelling leave is a form of additional recreation leave. It is taken on occurrence and does not accrue as a leave credit.

Persons who can make the decisions under subsection and subsection on behalf of the CDF:
Supervisor not below WO2(E)/APS 4, in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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