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Division 4: Special leave for private purposes

5.9.13 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to these members.

  1. The CDF.

  2. The Vice Chief of the Defence Force.

  3. A Service Chief.

5.9.14 Special leave for private purposes

  1. If a member's recreation leave credit expires under section 5.4.34, an approving authority may grant them a period of special leave for private purposes equal to the period of recreation leave credit that expires.

    See: Part 4 Division 7 section 5.4.34, Expiration of recreation leave credits ('leave lapsing')

  2. The maximum period of leave that may be granted to the member is 30 days in any leave year. This is unless an approving authority decides otherwise.

  3. This table sets out who has the authority to approve special leave for private purposes.

    Approval authority
    Item If the member is the... then the approving authority is the...
    1. CDF Minister.
    2. Vice Chief of the Defence Force or a Service Chief CDF.

Application to Reservists: No.

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