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Division 3: Carer's leave

5.9.11 Purpose

The purpose of carer's leave is to provide a member leave to care for and support their close relatives when they are sick or injured, or affected by an unexpected emergency.

5.9.12 Carer's leave

  1. A member may be granted carer's leave by a supervisor in their direct chain of command. The supervisor must be at one of these ranks or higher.

    1. Warrant Officer Class 2.

    2. APS 4.

  2. Carer's leave may be granted to a member who is to provide direct care and support to a close relative in any of the following circumstances.

    1. The close relative is sick or injured.

    2. The close relative is affected by an unexpected emergency.

  3. These conditions apply to a grant of carer's leave.

    1. A member may be granted up to 10 working days of carer's leave in a leave year.

    2. Only days that would otherwise be duty count towards the 10 days.

    3. Leave may be taken in broken periods.

      Example: A member's child is too sick for school from Friday until Tuesday morning. The member usually works Mondays to Fridays. The member uses two days of carer's leave to care for the child on Friday and Monday. The member still has another eight days of carer's leave for later in the leave year, should the member need it.

    4. Documentary evidence must be provided to support any application for a period of carer's leave that is longer than three consecutive working days, for the circumstance under paragraph 2.a.

      Example: Medical certificate.

    5. The member's supervisor may request supporting documents for a period of carer's leave of less than the three days to confirm that the use of the carer's leave is consistent with the circumstances for which it was granted.

    6. Carer's leave for an unexpected emergency under paragraph 2.b, may only be granted for a maximum of two days for each occurrence.

  4. The CDF may grant additional carer's leave to a member who has already been granted their leave limit. The CDF must consider whether any of the following are available to the member.

    1. Other forms of paid leave.

    2. Alternative care options.

  5. Persons who can make the decisions under subsection on behalf of the CDF:
    Director General Navy People
    Director Navy Recruiting, Retention and Transitions
    Deputy Director Navy Employment Conditions
    Director General Army People Capability
    Director Personnel Policy – Army
    Staff Officer Grade 1 – Personnel Policy – Army
    Director General Personnel – Air Force
    Director Personnel Policy – Air Force
    Deputy Director Personnel Policy – Air Force
    Deputy Director Service Conditions – Air Force

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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