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Division 2: Short absence for removal purposes

5.11.8 Purpose

Short absence for removal purposes allows a member time to carry out a variety of removal tasks.

5.11.9 Approval of absence

  1. A member may apply for short absence for removal purposes.

  2. A person who meets both the following requirements may decide to grant a member a short absence for removal, up to the limits set out in section 5.11.10.

    1. The person is the member's supervisor in the member's direct chain of command or supervision.

    2. They are not below the following rank or APS classification.

      1. Warrant Officer Class 2.

      2. APS 4.

  3. ...

5.11.10 Conditions on grant of absence

  1. The decision-maker must consider whether it is reasonable to grant the absence under section 5.11.9, having regard to operational needs.

  2. The following table sets out how much short absence can be granted to a member for each removal.

    Short absence
    Item If the member's removal is... then they may be granted short absence of...
    1. between locations two consecutive days at each location.
    2. within the same location three days in total.
  3. The member may be granted one additional day consecutive to another day of short absence, if the decision-maker considers it reasonable.

  4. The member may take the absence on dates agreed with the decision-maker under section 5.11.9.

Application to Reservists: No.

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