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Annex 5.10.A: Allowances and reimbursements during leave without pay

See: Part 10 Division 1 section 5.10.6

This table sets out some of the benefits that may be payable during a period of leave without pay.

Item Benefit type Specific allowance or reimbursement
1. Benefits relating to regular accommodation costs
  1. Rent allowance
  2. Temporary accommodation allowance
2. ADF district allowance and similar allowances
  1. ADF district allowance
  2. Port Wakefield allowance
3. Removal benefits
  1. Disturbance allowance
  2. Indemnity for loss or damage arising from removal within Australia
  3. Reimbursement of expenses for pet relocation
4. Education assistance
  1. Reimbursement in place of eligible child's scholarship
  2. Reimbursement of education costs for child
5. Miscellaneous benefits
  1. Reimbursement for extra risk insurance expenses
  2. Home purchase or sale expenses allowance
  3. Separation allowance

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