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Division 5: In-service medical officers – refresher training

4.8.22 Purpose

In-service training assistance is provided to serving medical officers to allow them to undertake refresher training or experience, except where the training is a Service requirement.

4.8.23 Members this Division applies to

This Division applies to a medical officer serving on an indefinite appointment.

4.8.24 Conditions of training

  1. The CDF may approve the member to undertake refresher training for a maximum of 12 months on full salary after each completed six years of service.

  2. The CDF may approve the member to do the training in one or more periods over the member's service, subject to Service requirements.

Persons who can make the decisions under subsection and subsection on behalf of the CDF:
Director Navy People Career Management Agency
Director General Navy People
Head Navy People Training and Resources
Director Officer Career Management – Army
Director General Army People Capability
Director Personnel – Air Force
Director General Personnel – Air Force

4.8.25 Additional allowance

  1. When the member's refresher training takes place at a civilian hospital, they are eligible for an allowance if their hospital remuneration is greater than the remuneration they would otherwise be paid by the ADF.

  2. For subsection 1, the member's Service remuneration is worked out as sum of these amounts that were payable to the member, at the rank they held immediately before they started the training course.

    1. Salary.

    2. Service allowance.

    Note: The member remains in ADF service. They work under an arrangement agreed between the hospital and the Commonwealth that allows them to continue to receive ADF salary. The member will not become an employee of the institution.

  3. The allowance is paid at the end of each three-month period of training.

  4. The amount of the allowance is worked out by subtracting the amount of hospital remuneration payable to them from the amount of Service remuneration they would otherwise have received for the same period.

    Calculation of allowance
    Step Action
    1. Contact the civilian hospital and find out the annual salary paid to a civilian medical officer doing the same work as the member.
    2. Calculate the member's annual Service salary and allowances. This includes the sum of these amounts.
    1. Base salary.
    2. Service allowance.
    3. Subtract the amount obtained in step 2 from the amount obtained in step 1.
    Result: The difference is the annual rate of additional allowance.
    4. Divide the annual amount of additional allowance payable to the member by 4.
    Result: The amount calculated is the quarterly rate of additional allowance payable to the member.

4.8.26 Expenses associated with training

  1. The member is to be reimbursed for these costs.

    1. Compulsory fees for the training.

    2. The cost of textbooks prescribed for a course.

  2. The ADF may make available, for the duration of the training, medical instruments the member must use in the training.

  3. The member is responsible for costs of any travel or removal needed to complete the training.

Application to Reservists: No.

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