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Division 2: Medical residency – additional salary

4.8.9 Purpose

  1. This Division supplements the salary for a member who works as a resident medical officer at a civilian hospital.

  2. A member is paid additional salary to equal the salary and allowances they would have received if they had been a civilian resident medical officer at the hospital.

4.8.10 Members this Division applies to

This Division applies to a member who undertakes a period of compulsory residency at a civilian hospital with the approval of the CDF.

Persons who can make the decision under section 4.8.10 on behalf of the CDF:
Director General Navy Health Services
Director General Army Health Services
Director General Air Force Health Services

4.8.11 Rate of entitlement

The rate of additional salary is worked out by calculating the difference between these two amounts.

  1. What the civilian hospital pays Defence for the member's services.

  2. What the member receives by way of the total of all these payments from Defence.

    1. Salary.

    2. Service allowance.

    3. ADF district allowance, if applicable.

4.8.12 Payment for accrued leave

The member is eligible for payment for any leave accrued but not granted during their period of compulsory residency, less any payment instead of leave made by the hospital.

4.8.13 Conditions of entitlement

  1. The sponsored member works full-time at the hospital providing the training.

  2. The member remains in ADF service. They work under an arrangement agreed between the hospital and the Commonwealth. The member will not become an employee of the hospital.

  3. The member retains all the conditions of service of full-time members.

Officers selected will work full-time at the hospital providing the training. The officer remains a full-time member of the ADF for conditions of service. The salary component, paid by the civilian employer, will be remitted to Defence Force Pay Accounting Centre. The sponsored officer will receive their Defence salary plus any amounts the civilian employer pays above the officer's Defence salary. Under this arrangement, medical officers will retain all of the conditions of service of full-time members.

Application to Reservists: No.

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