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Division 6: Allowances for services in Antarctica – Antarctic allowance

4.4.29 Purpose

Antarctic allowance compensates a member for the demands of service in Antarctica.

4.4.30 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to a member posted for duty or serving in Antarctica who meets either of these conditions.

  1. They are directed to undertake duties as an integral part of an expedition. It must be intended that they remain on duty with, or support, that expedition during the summer or winter season in Antarctica.

  2. They travel to Antarctica with an expedition but are not part of the expedition.

4.4.31 Rate of allowance

The rate of allowance for a member who the paragraph in an item in column A is the rate in column B of the same item.

Rate of allowance

Column A


Column B

Annual rate ($)

1. Paragraph 4.4.30.a 13,676
2. Paragraph 4.4.30.b 7,535

4.4.32 Period of eligibility

  1. Subject to subsection 1A, a member is eligible for Antarctic allowance from 0001 on the day of embarkation until 2359 on the day of disembarkation.

  2. 1A. Antarctic allowance is not payable during a nonworking period that exceeds 28 days under a member's flexible service determination.

  3. If a member does not return directly to Australia immediately after service in Antarctica, payment of the allowance ends at 2359 on the last day they serve in Antarctica.

    Exception: If section 4.4.35 applies.

4.4.33 Effect of receiving other allowances

  1. This section applies to a member for the period that they are eligible for both Antarctic allowance and maritime disability allowance.

  2. The member is paid only the higher of the two allowances.

4.4.34 Member on long service leave

The allowance is not included in a member's salary during a period of long service leave unless they remain in Antarctica during the period.

4.4.35 Recreation leave after duty in Antarctica

  1. This section applies to a member who completes service in Antarctica and is granted a period of recreation leave before beginning duty in Australia.

  2. The member is eligible for Antarctic allowance for the number of days of recreation leave they accrued for service in Antarctica. The rate of allowance is the rate that applies under section 4.4.31.

  3. Subsection 1 applies to recreation leave granted immediately after any of these periods.

    1. A period of travelling leave taken immediately after the member's period of service in Antarctica.

    2. A period of hospitalisation or absence from duty for an illness that began on or before the day the member completed service in Antarctica.

    3. A period of duty that meets both these criteria.

      1. It must be performed by the member before recreation leave can be granted.

      2. It is performed immediately after the member's period of service in Antarctica.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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