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Division B.5: Arduous conditions instructor allowance

From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

B.5.1 Purpose

Arduous conditions instructor allowance recognises the disabilities endured by instructors providing training at the Royal Australian Navy School of Survivability and Ship Safety.

B.5.2 Definitions

This table defines terms used in this Division.

Term Definition
arduous conditions Includes the wearing of personal protective equipment, and environments of extreme toxicity, temperature, confinement or flooding.

B.5.3 Conditions of eligibility

A member of the Permanent Forces or Reserves who meets all of the following conditions is eligible for arduous conditions instructor allowance.

  1. The member is performing a period of continuous full-time service.

  2. The member is posted to an instructor position at the Royal Australian Navy School of Survivability and Ship Safety.

  3. The member undertakes instructional duties.

  4. The member is reasonably expected to be exposed to arduous conditions.

B.5.4 Annual rate of allowance

A member who is eligible under section B.5.3 is to be paid the annual rate listed for item 4, table 1 in Part F of this Determination.

See: Part F, Allowance rates

B.5.5 Interactions with other allowances

Entitlement to arduous conditions instructor allowance does not exclude entitlement to payment of any other allowance.

Note: Other allowances may not permit payment of this allowance for the same period.

See: Division B.12, Special Forces disability allowance.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances approved by the Tribunal.

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