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Division B.17: Recruit instructor disability allowance

From DFRT Determination No. 11 of 2013

B.17.1 Purpose

Recruit instructor disability allowance compensates qualified recruit instructors posted to 1st Recruit Training Battalion for the disabilities associated with long hours, adverse working conditions and loss of regular contact with family for extended periods of time.

B.17.2 Member this allowance applies to

Recruit instructor disability allowance may apply to any member performing continuous full-time service.

B.17.3 Conditions for eligibility

A member who meets all of the following conditions may be eligible for recruit instructor disability allowance.

  1. The member holds the rank of any of the following.

    1. Lance Corporal.

    2. Corporal.

    3. Sergeant.

  2. The member is posted to or performing CDF approved temporary duty in a recruit instructor position at 1 Recruit Training Battalion.

  3. The member is qualified and reasonably expected to perform duty in that position.

B.17.4 Rates of allowance

An eligible member is to be paid the annual rate of recruit instructor disability allowance listed for item 8, table 1 in Part F of this Determination.

B.17.5 Events that end eligibility

To remove doubt, a member ceases to be eligible for recruit instructor disability allowance from the day on which they cease to meet any of the eligibility conditions set out in section B.17.3.

B.17.6 Interactions with other allowances

Eligibility for recruit instructor disability allowance does not exclude eligibility for any other allowance.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances approved by the Tribunal.

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