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Part 5: Retention and completion benefits

3.5.1 Overview

This Part contains guidelines for a range of payments that encourage certain members to continue serving in the Permanent Forces.

Note: In the total workforce model, a member of the Permanent Forces may be described as a member in Service category 6 or 7.

3.5.2 Calculating effective service for a member on a flexible service determination

  1. This section applies to a member who is on a flexible service determination and who is eligible for a retention or completion bonus.

  2. A member's effective service under this Part is calculated each fortnight by multiplying each day in a member's pattern of service by 1.4. The total number of days of effective service in a fortnight must not exceed 14.

  3. Each day in a member's pattern of service, used to calculate effective service under subsection 2, includes the following.

    1. Each full day of duty in the fortnight.

    2. Each combination of part days of duty in the fortnight that add up to eight hours.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances approved by the Tribunal.

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