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Division 6: Trainees

From DFRT Determination No. 2 of 2017

B.6.1 Purpose

This Division provides the salary for members who are undertaking training.

Exception: This Division does not apply to member's who are undergoing recategorisation training.

B.6.2 Rate of salary for a trainee

  1. In this section degree has the meaning given in the Australian Qualifications Framework level 7 Bachelor degree as published on 20 April 2017.

  2. Related information: Australian Qualifications Framework

  3. The member may be deemed to hold a degree for the purposes of items 6.a.iii and 6.b.iii if all of the following conditions are met.

    1. The member does not hold a degree under subsection 1.

    2. The member holds a qualification that meets Australian Qualifications Framework level 8 or higher.

    3. CDF decides the qualification in subsection 2.b is relevant to the Australian Defence Force.

  4. A member undertaking training in a capacity listed in Schedule B.13 is to be paid the rate of salary that corresponds to all of the following.

    1. The member's Force.

    2. The member's training capacity and stage (if any).

See: Schedule B.13, Trainee salary rates

Persons who can make the decisions under paragraph B.6.2.c on behalf of the CDF:
Director General Career Management Army
Director Officer Career Management – Army
Director Reserve Officer Career Management – Army
Director General Personnel – Air Force
Director Personnel – Air Force
Executive Officer Directorate of Personnel – Air Force
Deputy Director Selection, Enlistment, Appointment and Transition

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances approved by the Tribunal.

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