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Division 1: Senior Officers

From DFRT Determination No. 2 of 2017.

B.1.1 Purpose

This Division sets out the method for pay grade (or pay point) placement for senior officers and the rates of salary that apply.

B.1.2 Member this Division applies to

This Division applies to all senior officers.

Exception: Senior officers who are paid salary under Division 3 (specialist officers) or the instruments referenced in section A.1.4 of this Determination.

Division 3, Specialist officers
Part A section A.1.4, Salary not payable

B.1.3 Pay grade for a senior officer

  1. A senior officer has the pay grade set out in the following table.

  2. Exception: This section does not apply to an officer who holds the rank of Lieutenant General. See section B.1.5.

    Senior officer pay grades
    Column 1
    Column 2
    A member at the rank of...
    Column 3
    who held this pay grade in their previous rank...
    Column 4
    holds this pay grade...
    1. Brigadier up to pay grade 9
    up to OA 35
    pay grade 10
    OA 36 or OA 37
    2. Major General any or none
    3. General any or none
  3. A senior officer who did not hold an officer pay grade before their promotion to Brigadier is taken to hold the pay grade of their previous rank that would have applied to their officer category immediately before their promotion.

B.1.4 Rate of salary for a senior officer

A senior officer is to be paid the rate of salary in Schedule B.1 that corresponds to all of the following.

  1. The senior officer's Force in Schedule B.1 Part 1 or 2.

  2. The senior officer's rank and increment.

  3. The senior officer's pay grade.

Exceptions: A senior officer who holds the rank of Lieutenant General. 

Note: This is the senior officer’s salary for which superannuation contributions are payable.

See: Schedule B.1, Senior officer salary rates

B.1.5 Rate of salary for a Lieutenant General

  1. The following table sets out the pay point for a senior officer who holds the rank of Lieutenant General. 

  2. Lieutenant General pay point
    Item Lieutenant General who is... holds the pay point...
    1. a generalist senior officer
    2. Chief Joint Operations
  3. A Lieutenant General is to be paid the total of the base salary and positional components listed for the relevant time period and the officer's Force, rank and pay point in Schedule B.1 Part 3 or 4.

Note: The base salary of each pay point is the senior officer’s salary for which superannuation contributions are payable.

B.1.6 Career transition for senior officers

  1. This section applies to a senior officer who meets all the following conditions.

    1. The senior officer holds a rank specified in items 2 or 3 in Schedule 1 of the Defence Act 1903.

    2. The senior officer is transferred to a pool position.

    3. The senior officer is required to undertake activities that support their resignation, retirement or transfer to the reserves.

  2. The senior officer's annual salary is equal to the amount of annual salary for which superannuation was payable on the last day of their appointment under paragraph 1.a.

  3. The senior officer's eligibility for payment under subsection 2 ceases when the earlier of the following events occur.

    1. The senior officer ceases to be in the Permanent Forces.

    2. The senior officer is appointed or posted to a position in which they cease the activities under paragraph 1.b.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances approved by the Tribunal.

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