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Division 4: Additional transition period

2.3.26 Additional transition period

  1. The CDF or a Service Chief may approve payment of certain benefits to a former member for a period, having regard to the following considerations.

    1. Whether the period is necessary to provide the member with a reasonable period of transition assistance to adjust to the end of their career in the Permanent Forces.

    2. Note: In the total workforce model, a member of the Permanent Forces may be described as a member in Service category 6 or 7.

    3. The period for which the benefits are usually made available to a member ceasing service on the same grounds as the former member.

  2. Approval under subsection 1 may extend for a period of up to four months and is taken to start from the day that the member ceases service in the Permanent Forces.

2.3.27 Benefits during additional transition

  1. Benefits approved during an additional transition period may include any of the following.

    1. Benefits under the career transition assistance scheme.

      See: Part 2, Leaving the ADF: Career Transition Assistance Scheme

    2. Removal

      See: Chapter 6, ADF relocation on posting in Australia

    3. Continuation of housing assistance.

      See: Chapter 7, ADF housing and meals

    4. Medical, psychological and dental services and treatment; or reimbursement for equivalent private services if ADF services and treatment cannot be supplied.

  2. Other benefits and conditions of service such as salary, salary-related allowances and leave may not be paid for the additional transition period under this Division.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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