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Division 9: On-line information

2.2.32 On-line information

  1. Operating guidelines give detailed administrative advice. They can be found on the Defence Internet.

  2. See:

  3. Members are encouraged to access the website. It is designed to help members through the transition period. It contains information relevant to benefits, termination processes and job search issues.

2.2.33 Overview of topics and content

The Transitions site contains these topics and content.

Component Description
Checklist A checklist of actions and issues members should take into consideration during the termination process. Most checklist points contain links to the relevant chapter of the ADF Transition Handbook.
Handbook Contains information on benefits and issues to be considered during the termination process. It also has links to more comprehensive information on many subjects.
Contacts Contact details for the Resettlement Officers.
ADF transition seminars Dates and locations for ADF transition seminars.
ADF transitions Information to assist members to navigate the termination process.
Job search Information about job search issues and building a curriculum vitae.
Financial information Links to the various financial information sites.
Links Links to Internet sites relevant to the transition process.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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