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Division 7: Curriculum vitae coaching

2.2.30 Benefit

  1. Members at Career Transition Assistance Level 2 or 3 are eligible to access curriculum vitae coaching by a professional firm. The purpose of curriculum vitae coaching is to teach members how to develop their own curriculum vitae. This is up to a maximum cost of $253.

    Note: This maximum cost will be reviewed from time to time (usually annually) having regard to movement in the Consumer Price Index.

    See: Division 2 section 2.2.10, Assistance summary, table item 6

  2. Curriculum vitae coaching may only be accessed once during a member's service.

  3. Members are advised to access this benefit within 12 months of their intended separation date. This is so they are able to develop an effective curriculum vitae at the time of termination.

  1. Before attending curriculum vitae coaching, members should access information within the Career Transition Assistance Scheme web sites. This will ensure that the member attends the coaching knowing what information is needed to produce the final curriculum vitae, and can achieve the best result from the company providing coaching.

  2. See:

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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