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Division 6: Career transition management coaching

2.2.29 Benefit

  1. Members unsure of their intended field of employment after termination may apply for career transition management coaching. This is also known as outplacement counselling.

  2. This table outlines members' benefits.

    Item If the member is at Career Transition Assistance Level... then they may access coaching to a value of ($)...
    1. 2 1,100
    2. 3 2,820
  3. The following services are allowable in a career transition management coaching package.

    1. Identification of transferable skills.

    2. Stress management.

    3. Job options and job placement advice.

    4. Job search strategies.

    5. Coaching to develop a curriculum vitae.

    6. Interview skills/personal presentation at interview.

    7. Developing a career transition plan.

    Note: Not all services need to be included.

  4. Curriculum vitae coaching may be provided as part of career transition management coaching. Members may prefer to receive curriculum vitae coaching from a separate provider. Defence will fund curriculum vitae coaching only once.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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