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Division 4: Approved absence for career transition activities

2.2.19 Benefit

  1. Approved absence for career transition activities is subject to the supervisor's agreement. Approved absence may be used for any of these activities.

    1. Attendance at appointments with employment agencies for professional employment advice.

    2. Interviews with prospective employers.

    3. Attendance at career transition training or career transition management coaching approved for Career Transition Assistance Level 2 or 3 members.

      See: Division 2 section 2.2.10, Assistance summary, Note 1

    4. Attendance at formal training courses approved under the Defence Assisted Study Scheme Level 3.

      Note: This is for Career Transition Assistance Level 1 members only.

    5. Attendance at on-the-job experience approved under the Career Transition Assistance Scheme. On-the-job experience is work experience which the member undertakes full-time. It must be relevant to the employment they intend to seek after termination.

  2. The member must provide proof of their intention to separate.

    See: Division 2 section 2.2.9, Eligibility for assistance

  3. If an eligible member uses the approved absence and then re-engages, any future benefit will be reduced by the amount previously taken. Once a member has exhausted their level of approved periods of absence, there is no further benefit.

    Exception: If the member earns more days through sufficient further service, the member will be credited only with the additional days.

  4. To be eligible for approved absence, members must have a credit balance in their personal Career Transition Assistance Scheme file. The amount of credit recorded on this file depends on the member's length of service. When approved absence is used, the usage must be entered on the member's personal Career Transition Assistance Scheme file.

  5. Note: This file is in PMKeyS.

  6. Approved absence must be taken in minimum blocks of one day. They do not need to be consecutive days.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.

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