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Division 3: ADF Transition seminars

2.2.18 About ADF transition seminars

  1. Career transition information and advice are provided at ADF transition seminars. These are held periodically in Australian capital cities and some regional centres. The seminars are designed to aid members in their transition to civilian life, by providing an awareness of various matters requiring consideration before service is terminated.

  2. Members are responsible for planning and initiating transition action at a suitable period before termination. Attendance at seminars assists this planning process. Members may apply at any time during their careers, and may attend several seminars.

  3. See: Form AC853-4, ADF transition seminar application

  4. Every effort will be made to ensure all nominating members can attend. If there is not enough space, priority is given to members who have applied for termination, regardless of their length of service.

  5. Normally, members attend seminars in their current posting location. If members are posted to a location where seminars are not conducted, they are eligible to apply to attend a seminar at the closest location to their unit.

  6. Members who are unable to attend a local seminar for Service reasons may apply for a seminar outside their posting location. Any travel outside the posting location is limited to the nearest seminar location. Travel costs are a unit responsibility. They are payable only to members who meet all these conditions.

    1. The member has applied to terminate their service.

    2. The member is Career Transition Assistance Level 3.

    3. The member has not previously received travel costs to attend a seminar.

  7. Travel costs paid to a member under subsection 5 are worked out in accordance with the following.

    1. For a member who uses accommodation supplied through the Commonwealth's contracted service provider, travel costs and accommodation in accordance with Chapter 9 Part 5 Division 2. Contracted service provider has the meaning given in section 9.0.3, Definitions.

      See: Chapter 9
      Part 5 Division 2, Travel on Defence business using the travel card
      Section 9.0.3, Definitions

    2. For a member who uses commercial accommodation but who does not meet the requirements of paragraph a, travel costs are paid up to the limits set for the location in Annex 9.5.A.

      See: Chapter 9 Part 5 Annex 9.5.A, Amounts for accommodation, meals and incidentals

  8. Members who are on duty or on leave in another seminar location when a seminar is scheduled may be approved to attend the seminar on duty. In this case, Defence will not pay travel costs for the member to attend.

  9. The member's personal Career Transition Assistance Scheme file must be updated when travel costs are paid. This is to prevent further payment of travel costs.

  10. Note: This file is in PMKeyS.

  11. Members serving overseas are not permitted to attend a seminar until they return to Australia. Members whose service is being terminated for disciplinary or adverse administrative reasons are not eligible to attend a seminar.

  12. The Regional Transition Committee may approve attendance by the member's spouse or partner at nominated sessions if both these conditions are met.

    1. Space is available.

    2. There is no cost to the Commonwealth.

Application to Reservists: Yes, in certain circumstances.


Copies of forms are available on the webforms system or through the Defence Service Centre.

  • Form AC853-4, ADF transition seminar application

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