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Division 1: About the Career Transition Assistance Scheme

2.2.5 Introduction

  1. The ADF has an obligation to assist members with career transition when they leave the ADF after qualifying service, whether voluntarily or involuntarily. The Career Transition Assistance Scheme provides phased benefits, tools and services in support of this obligation.

  2. These are the objectives of the Career Transition Assistance Scheme.

    1. To support the career transition of members from Service to suitable civilian employment, with the minimum involuntary break in continuity of employment.

    2. To enhance the ability of members to competitively market themselves for suitable civilian employment.

    3. To enhance and make the best use of members' existing skills gained from ADF service.

  3. The Career Transition Assistance Scheme should be accessed during the last 12 months of service, or up to 12 months after termination. This aims to ensure knowledge and skills acquired through the scheme are current at the time of career transition.

2.2.6 Assistance components

Assistance is divided into seven components. These are described in the Divisions listed in this table.

Assistance components
Item Assistance type For details, see...
1. ADF transition seminars Division 3
2. Approved absence for career transition activities Division 4
3. Career transition training Division 5
4. Career transition management coaching Division 6
5. Curriculum vitae coaching Division 7
6. Financial counselling Division 8
7. Online information Division 9

2.2.7 Medical and dental officer refresher training

Medical or dental officers seeking refresher training should refer to Chapter 4 Part 8 Division 3, Former medical or dental officer – Refresher training.

2.2.8 Assistance under the Defence Assisted Study Scheme

  1. Sponsorship for career transition-oriented courses is available under Level 3 of the Defence Assisted Study Scheme (DASS), subject to available funding.

  2. See: Defence Learning Manual, Part 2 Chapter 3, for an explanation of the levels of sponsorship available under the DASS.

  3. Defence Assisted Study Scheme applicants are required to substantiate their intention to leave the ADF within a realistic timeframe.

  4. Career Transition Assistance Level 1 members are eligible to apply for the Defence Assisted Study Scheme while they continue to serve. For Career Transition Assistance Level 2 and 3 members, eligibility to apply for the Defence Assisted Study Scheme ceases once eligibility for training under the Career Transition Assistance Scheme is established.

2.2.8A Additional information

Additional information on separation and instructions relating to benefits associated with termination of service may be obtained from these sources.

  1. Transitions web site.

  2. See:

  3. Local members of the Resettlement Network.

  4. Corporate Services and Infrastructure – Education Training and Development Units.

  5. A member's parent unit.

  6. ADF Transition Centres.

  7. Department of Veterans' Affairs, Transition Management Service.

  8. Defence Service Centre.

  9. Executive Officer, Career Transition Assistance in People Strategies and Policy.

  10. Customer Service Centres and shopfronts.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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