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Division 4: Operational hours allowance

17.8.20 Purpose

This Division provides an allowance to APS employees who work to support overseas ADF operations that compensates for the following.

  1. Work in an environment that does not allow for work practices that are usual in other Defence workplaces.

  2. Examples: Flextime, Christmas stand-down, time off in lieu for Executive Level employees, access to leave.

  3. The need to perform additional hours of duty, or work at times that would usually attract shift penalties.

17.8.21 Eligibility for operational hours allowance

  1. An employee who has received written direction to perform duties for a period in an operational area in support of an ADF operation is entitled to operational hours allowance.

  2. An employee who spends less than a day in an operational area may be paid the daily pro rated amount of operational hours allowance for the day.

17.8.22 Rates of operational hours allowance

  1. Operational hours allowance is paid at the rate of $21,374 for a year of service in the operational area.

  2. Employees who are in an operational area for less than a year will be paid a pro rata amount of the allowance. The daily rate is the annual rate divided by 365.

  3. ...

17.8.23 Employee absent on leave

An employee is not eligible for operational hours allowance for a period when they are on leave.

Application to Reservists: No.

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