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Division 1: Operational support allowance

17.8.4 Purpose

The purpose of operational support allowance is to compensate APS employees for performing duty in an operational area.

17.8.5 Employee this Part applies to

Operational support allowance applies to an APS employee who meets either of the following conditions.

Note: In the total workforce system, an APS employee may be described as a member in Service category 1.

  1. The employee has received written notice to perform duties for a period in an operational area in support of an ADF operation.

  2. See: Section 17.8.7, Rate of allowance

  3. The employee meets both the following conditions.

    1. The employee has been directed to perform duty with a foreign government in support of Commonwealth goals.

    2. Example: An employee is transferring skills to a foreign government. The skills are needed to help rebuild the foreign country.

    3. The employee is performing duties in an operational area.

17.8.6 Payment of allowance

Employees receive operational support allowance for each day or part of a day they are in either of these situations.

  1. In the operational area.

  2. On leave during their period of duty. This is only received if the leave taken is not greater than the leave credit accrued for the period of duty.

17.8.7 Rate of allowance

  1. The amount of operational support allowance payable for the period of duty is worked out using the rates in the following table.

  2. Operational support allowance
    Item Operation Operational area Allowance rate
    (AUD a day)
    1. Supporting operations in the Gulf States, OPERATION ACCORDION Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
    2. United Nations mission in South Sudan South Sudan
    4. United Nations Disengagement Observer Force Egypt, Israel and Jordan

    The ADF contribution deployed overseas to the NATO led Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan

    6. Maritime operations including counter piracy in the specified area. The seas and superjacent airspace of:
    1. The Arabian Sea;
    2. The Gulf of Aden;
    3. The Gulf of Aqaba;
    4. The Gulf of Oman;
    5. The Gulf of Suez;
    6. The Persian Gulf;
    7. The Red Sea;
    8. The Indian Ocean north of Latitude 15 degrees South and west of Longitude 70 degrees East.
    This includes the ports adjacent and the area within a 10 kilometre radius of each port.
    7. Multinational Force and Observers in the Sinai Egypt between the east bank of the Suez Canal and the international boundary between Egypt and Israel established by the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel signed in Washington on 26 March 1979, and an adjoining area extending 5 km into Israel.
    8. ADF operation in support of the whole of government response to the crisis in Iraq Iraq and Syria

    Any of the following.

    1. the Kingdom of Bahrain;
    2. Cyprus;
    3. the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
    4. Kuwait;
    5. the Persian Gulf;
    6. the State of Qatar;
    7. the United Arab Emirates; and
    8. the land territory of Turkey east of longitude 35° East.
    9. United Nations Truce Supervision Organisation and United Nations Special Coordinator in the Occupied Territories Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Lebanon
    10. NATO Mission Iraq Iraq
    11. Defence Force contribution to the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission The land territory and superjacent airspace of Mali.

    Note 1: Where a country is mentioned, it includes its land territory, territorial waters and superjacent airspace, unless specified otherwise.

    Note 2: This table is not complete. For the complete version of this table see Defence Enterprise Agreement 2017-2020 Determination No. 2 of 2020, Operational support allowance - amendment.

  3. ...

17.8.8 Impact on other allowances

While an employee is eligible for operational support allowance, they are not entitled to any of these allowances.

Impact on other allowances
Item Alowance Reference
1. Camping allowance Chapter 13 Part 2 Division 5

Travel costs

Exception: The employee may be entitled to travel costs under Chapter 13 Part 3 in one situation. This is when they are required to pay for their own meals while performing duty overseas in support of an ADF operation.

Chapter 13 Part 3
3. Equipment allowance Chapter 13 Part 3 Division 2
4. Any of the overseas living allowances Chapter 15 Part 2 and Part 2A
5. Hardship allowance Chapter 16 Part 2
6. Location allowance Chapter 16 part 2A

17.8.9 Additional annual leave

  1. Employees receive additional annual leave for duty in an operational area.

  2. The employee is entitled to an additional 10 days annual leave a year, on a pro rata basis, for duty in the operational area.

  3. The employee also gets 1 day additional annual leave for every 10 days they are entitled to operational support allowance, to a maximum of 10 days additional annual leave per year.

  4. This table shows how to calculate the amount of additional annual leave that an employee is eligible for under this Division.

  5. Additional annual leave
    Step Action
    1. Work out the amount of the employees's benefit in subsection
    2. Work out the amount of the employees's benefit in subsection
    3. Add the outcome of Step 1 and the outcome of Step 2.
    4. The outcome of Step 3 equals the amount of additional annual leave.
    5. This leave is treated on the same basis as if the employee were serving at a hardship location overseas.
  6. This leave is treated on the same basis as if the employee were serving at a hardship location overseas.

Application to Reservists: No.

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