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Division 1: Before deployment

17.5B.4 Overview

This Division describes the conditions of service for a member before deployment for service on non-warlike deployment for less than six months.

17.5B.5 Help with removals

No help with removals is provided.

17.5B.6 Housing assistance

  1. A member with dependants receives housing assistance if their dependants remain in the posting location.

  2. A member without dependants is eligible for the following housing assistance.

  3. Housing assistance
    Item If the member has been... then they can...
    1. living in at their posting location retain their living-in accommodation. They are not required to pay a contribution under Chapter 7 Part 4, Living in accommodation, for the period of the deployment.
    2. living out and is in receipt of rent allowance continue to get the allowance. They are not required to pay a contribution under Chapter 7 Part 8, Rent allowance, for the period of the deployment.
  4. The member should check with their insurance company to ensure they have adequate contents cover during their absence.

17.5B.7 Pre-deployment leave and travel benefits

Deployments of less than six months do not attract pre-deployment leave and travel benefits. However, a person listed in the table below may grant approval in special cases.

Chapter 5 Part 9 Division 7, Pre-deployment leave
Chapter 9 Part 4 Division 2, Pre-deployment leave travel

Persons who can make the decision under section 17.5.7:
Director General Navy People
Director Navy Personnel Policy
Director Navy Employment Conditions
Director General Personnel – Army
Director Personnel Policy – Army
Director General Personnel – Air Force
Director Personnel Policy – Air Force
Staff Officer Service Conditions – Air Force
Deputy Director Service Conditions – Air Force

17.5B.8 Equipment costs

A member is not eligible for equipment costs while on deployment.

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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