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Part 7: Extraordinary costs

16.7.1 Purpose

  1. A member might be at a posting location when war breaks out, there is civil disorder or a natural disaster or similar event. As a result, normal supplies of goods and services might be disrupted. They may need to pay more for goods and services essential to allow them to stay.

  2. This Part is designed to reimburse members for these extra costs. The costs may only be reimbursed to members on long-term posting in some approved situations.

16.7.2 Member this Part applies to

This Part applies to a member on a long-term posting. However, it only applies if the member is unable to leave or is required to stay at the posting location after normal supplies are disrupted.

16.7.3 Extraordinary costs incurred at posting location

  1. The member may be reimbursed extraordinary costs incurred by the member in buying goods and services. Approval may only be given if the CDF is satisfied that the goods and services are essential for the member to remain at the location.

  2. The CDF must consider all these criteria.

    1. The nature, duration and impact of the disruption to the normal supply of goods and services to the member.

    2. The nature and amount of the extraordinary costs incurred by the member.

    3. The availability and cost of buying the goods and services from another supplier.

    4. The allowances that are already being paid to the member.

    5. The extent to which the Commonwealth is already providing the goods and services to the member.

    6. The nature and extent of any other help provided to the member to buy goods and services.

    7. Any other factor relevant to the extraordinary costs incurred by the member.

Persons who can make the decision under subsection on behalf of the Secretary/CDF:
A person not below MAJ(E)/APS 6 who is authorised to manage Defence personnel administration at the overseas post.
Senior ADF Representative at the overseas post
A person working in the Pay and Administration Centre – Victoria who is:

  • Overseas Administration Team Leader
  • Pay and Administration Manager Specialist
  • Civilian and Overseas Pay and Administration Centre Manager
Director of Attaché and Overseas Management

Application to Reservists: Yes, on continuous full-time service.

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